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10 Reasons Your Skincare Stopped Working

Our skin needs just as much care as any other part of our bodies. Most people have proper skincare routines that they religiously follow no matter what. A well-planned skincare routine can significantly help in the process of skin rejuvenation. Especially when the aging process starts, we need to be careful about our skin. However, it is not uncommon for a skincare product to stop working. There can be several reasons for a skincare product or an entire routine to fail to produce any beneficial results. While this situation may not be uncommon, it can cause frustration especially when we don’t even know the root cause.

So, in this article, we are going to list 10 different reasons that make a skincare routine flop.

10 Reasons Why Skincare Routine Fails

There can be several reasons behind your skincare routine’s failure. Below we have discussed the 10 most common causes of skincare failure.

  1. Expired Products

Let’s admit that we have all been there. Usually, the skincare products have their expiry dates written on their packaging and most of us throw away the packaging. This means that we may not know when a product has expired.

It is uncommon for nonprescription cosmetics to undergo stability and efficacy tests by the FDA. Due to this, normally, we don’t even know when a product expires. However, it should be a general practice to use a product within 6-12 months, unless mentioned otherwise.

When we have no way of knowing that our skincare products have expired, it becomes possible that they stop yielding any results. Expired products lose their efficiency and may even cause skin problems. So, keep your products’ expiry date in check and regularly replace them.

  1. Product Storage Conditions

Skin rejuvenation products need the utmost care in terms of storage, especially in harsher environments. This is the reason that most packaging mentions the exact storage temperature. If a product is stored in extremely hot temperatures, like in a bathroom where you take hot showers, it will lose its effectiveness. Similarly, keeping your skincare products, like sunscreen, in the car can also be harmful. They will lose their efficacy and may even cause skin irritation and other problems. Therefore, if you want to make your products work; store them in the right conditions. Some may be fine at room temperature while others may need to be kept in a refrigerator.

  1. Inactive Ingredients

Just like using wrong ingredients is not beneficial for skin, using inactive ingredients is the same. If a certain ingredient works well for your skin but a product containing that ingredient doesn’t, the product is wrong. This means the product does not contain enough quantity of that ingredient to have a significant effect on your skin. So, whenever you buy a skincare product make sure the ingredient you are looking for is in the top five. This means it is an active ingredient and will have more effect on rejuvenating your skin.

  1. Low-Quality Products

The concept of less is more doesn’t work in the case of skincare products. If your products are low-quality, they will yield low-quality results. No two skincare products are the same. Every company creates products according to their standardized formulae.

Poor ingredients, inferior formulations, unstable formulae, and low-quality packaging are all indicators of quality. Sometimes, the cost factor can also determine the quality of a product. However, the cost is not always the right variable to determine quality.

So, whenever you buy a product make sure it is not low-quality. Otherwise, your skin will pay the price you saved on that product.

  1. Weather Conditions

Weather is one of the most common culprits in skincare failure. Whenever the weather changes, our skin conditions also change. For instance, in winters our skin becomes drier and redder while summers cause oily skin. So, before passing the verdict of your skincare products’ failure, keep in mind the weather conditions, too. The reason is that sometimes it’s nothing more than that.

Like our skin, the weather can also affect the products. For instance, in extremely hot weather, products like lipsticks and contour sticks can melt. So, remember making the necessary changes in the product storage according to the weather.

  1. Hormonal Imbalance

Another common cause behind our skincare routine failure is the hormonal imbalance. In this case, you may be doing everything that you do for skin rejuvenation, but still won’t see the results. During PMS, acne is a common problem. Similarly, pregnancy and menopause can also affect our skin.

So, if this is the cause, try to change your regular skincare products. Sometimes our skin becomes so used to the products that they lose their effectiveness. In that case, switching to some new products with similar ingredients may help.

  1. Medication Reaction

If you have a medical condition for which you are on medication, it may interfere with your skincare regimen. Some medicines can react with the products and cause allergic reactions.

Your medicines, internal or topical, can produce stimulate acne. Other reactions may include irritation, redness, itching, dryness, rashes, excessive oil production, etc. These conditions may need a dermatologist or another expert if they don’t subside on their own. Moreover, to avoid any mishaps, it is better to consult your doctor about using skincare products if you are on medication.

  1. Inconsistent Routine

We need to be consistent with our skincare if we are aiming for skin rejuvenation. The key to younger-looking skin is to dedicate a certain time every day to skincare. Consistency is the key. So, make sure you carry on with the skincare regimen even after you have achieved your desired results. Getting fresher-looking is not as difficult as maintaining it.

  1. Irregular Timing

According to skincare experts, timing also plays a vital role in skincare success. Some skin care products are for use during the day while others work well during night time. For example, sunscreens work during the day while retinol should be used before bedtime.

  1. Insufficient Exfoliation

Most people don’t understand the importance of exfoliation. Exfoliation helps your skin breathe otherwise it can become clogged with dead skin cells. As a result of the dead skin layers, no skincare product will be able to penetrate the skin. Due to this, our skin rejuvenation plan will fail. So, regularly exfoliating the skin is an important aspect of the skincare regimen.

The Final Verdict

The above-mentioned reasons can cause our skincare routine to fail. So, it is important to keep all these tips in mind before completely discarding a product or ingredient. If we keep our skincare products in proper condition and use them regularly, our skin rejuvenation process will never fail.


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