August 11, 2022
Happy new year

Very often people recall the happy moments of their single life that they had before they had their spouse and children when New Year’s Eve approached. Even I’d think about the past year, what I’d learned and what the new year could bring. Yet holding a party was the subject of my enthusiasm.

There are many people around me who admit that they were, at best, perhaps a little careless or carefree. Couples get more responsibility when their kids are born, however, everything changed. At first, after becoming a parent, going out on New Year’s Eve seems so “different.” After the goals are shifted, it’s not as thrilling. It doesn’t need to be like that. When children join the frame, New Year’s Eve doesn’t have to be boring; it can still be awesome, but a different kind of epic. Here are 10 New Year’s Eve ideas to usher in the new year for children and friends, so you can have awesome family fun and build memories for the family.

  1. A Ring in the year of “Noon”

If your children are too young to sit up past midnight, so at midday, have your celebration. Build a countdown of your own, pull out some bubbly juice, and dance away at noon until the clock hits 12!

  1. Let the Christmas tree up a little longer

Will the Christmas tree remain up long into the new year and beyond Christmas? Ok, here’s an outstanding “excuse” for a little bit longer to hold things up. By letting the children help take down decorations and produce note cards with resolutions on them, making it a “Resolution Tree”. For us to see, leave the decorations on the tree and tie the resolution cards on the tree.

  1. Create a Pajama Party Set up in Living Room

Take your bed sheets, pillows, some toys, and some movies if you suspect some of your kids won’t make it before midnight. Children who don’t last before the ball drops will fall asleep, at least, thinking they’re right with you, their siblings, and all the fun.

  1. Create a Self Made Ball Drop

Create a ball of your own that will collapse at midnight, at midday, or whenever you decide. A short walk to the craft shop will get you some things required to make your own ball. When the ball drops, knowing they made it themselves, it would be much more thrilling and enjoyable for the kids. Not to mention the fun time you’ll have making the ball together.

  1. Keep all Electronic Devices off

We all reside with electronic equipment in a home. We generally have alarms at our home. When the clock hits midnight, use these instruments as your noisemakers. Place each gadget with a surprise ( your favorite toffees, candy, Fruit Jellies from a good brand or something), then run around the house, shutting them all off.

  1. Pretend like Any Other Festival

This is one of the practices of many family traditions in India. Every year, people drive to the house of their relatives and enjoy wonderful food with family and friends, play games and enjoy the new year. Children enjoy it completely and I am sure we all love it!

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  1. Visit Your Favourite Religious Place for New Year’s

It would be a great idea if we start our new year by visiting our favourite religious place. It may be a temple, church, mosque, gurudwara or any other place you like. It is one of the best things that we can all do is prayers. Praying for good health, wealth, peace, happiness for the rest of the year will bring them all with the grace of god.

  1. Build a capsule time

When you end the year, you will think of what your children have learned and achieved. One perfect way to remember is to build a time capsule that can later be preserved or kept.

  1. Make your Room into Dance Party 

Have you seen your children dancing? I say, dancing, truly? Transform your room into a dance party and teach them how to dance. Don’t hurt yourself and in a matter of days you will have to get back to work.

  1. Pool Party

Check into a hotel with an enticing pool and a winter pool party instead of staying at home. If it’s midnight, early in the day and/or New Year’s Day, this can be enjoyable to do, but they usually don’t do it in winter.

I hope you will make the most of these ideas. But whatever you plan and do for the new year, make sure your children are tagged with you.

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