4 Best HR Certifications That Can Get You the Job

Best HR Certifications

A career in HR is highly desirable, and perhaps, is a dream job for many. But, have you ever thought of, what are these top global CHROs and HR leaders made up of? What does it take to bag an HR role in the current job market? What’s different from those who are successful in the HR sector compared to individuals not being able to crack interviews, even for the entry-level HR positions?

The answer to all of the above questions is ‘skillset’. Those who possess the relevant skills will win eventually, no matter what. The job market in the HR domain is demanding an extensive skillset that is rare to find, especially after the advent of revolutionary HR tech a couple of years ago. Under disruptive HR tech comes the use of AI, automation, and data analytics in HR processes to make them more effective than ever. HR Management portals these days come with AI and automation capabilities and working on such advanced HR management tools demands familiarity with the fundamentals of HR technologies.

HR Certifications, Key to Acquiring New Skills Fast

Aspirants can opt in to enroll in the best human resource management certifications available online to learn industry-relevant skills fast without spending a dime. Besides, certification programs are highly cost-efficient with no need to move out of the home. Even the qualifying examination to secure the credential is held online.

4 Best HR Certifications to Enrich your Long-Term Career

CPLP – Certified Professional in Learning and Performance

ATD, or Association for Talent Development, formerly known by the name – American Society for Training & Development, offers the comprehensive CPLP HR credential. It covers ten areas of HR expertise that include – Change and Performance Improvement, Knowledge Management, Coaching, Integrated Talent Management, Managing Learning Programs, Evaluating Learning Impact, Learning Technologies, Instructional Design, and Training Delivery.

To become eligible for CPLP, you need to have 4-5 yrs of experience in the HR job function, however, it varies for different people with different education levels. Besides, you will be required to take a knowledge and skills test to qualify for enrolment into the said certification program.

PHR – Professional in Human Resources

PHR is offered by HR Certification Institute (HRCI) and is best-suited to early-career HR professionals who would like to progress in their career fast and are looking for quick professional growth. They said the credentialing program will help you become better at the operational & technical side of HR management while making you aware of the federal norms associated with personnel management alongside.

Eligibility Criteria for PHR:

  • 1 Yr. tech experience in a professional job role in HR + master’s level education or higher.
  • 2 Yrs. work experience in HR role + Bachelor’s degree.
  • 5 Yrs. work experience as an HR professional + High school diploma

TMP – Talent Management Practitioner

TMP, offered by the globally-recognized accreditation body TMI (Talent Management Institute), is among the most appreciated professional HR credentials that recruiters prefer while hiring young HR talent. It is some sort of evidence of your job-readiness in the HR domain when you happen to be a recent graduate in HR or an early-career professional.

The certification is ideally designed for HR career aspirants and active professionals in the workforce with little experience (1-2 yrs). The stamp of TMP puts you in a category of individuals who are equipped to work in the talent management divisions of some of the largest global firms on the planet. It’s proof of your knowledge in all sorts of HR theories, principles, tools, and techniques.

SHRM-CP – SHRM Certified Professional

SHRM is among the most trusted and valued accreditation bodies in the field of HR management. SHRM- CP is considered the best HR certification for those early in their HR career or have just started working in the HR domain. It will help you learn skills needed to implement strategies and policies, fulfilling HR-specific expectations of the stakeholders and the company staff, performing operational HR job functions, and shouldering HR duties & responsibilities.

Eligibility criteria for SHRM-CP require you to have at least one year of work experience in the domain of HR if you hold an HR-specific bachelor’s degree. For HR-focused graduate degree holders, they need to be serving in an HR role at the time of enrolling for the said certification program. For individuals with a lower educational qualification than that of a college degree in an HR-specific subject, they need a minimum of three years’ experience working in an HR role.

Wishing all HR aspirants the best of luck for their future endeavors. Cheers!