5 Companies that are spearheading AI innovations in India

India is the fastest-growing economy with the second largest population in the world. The government demonstrated a strong resolve in order to solve many global and domestic challenges through technological intervention. The national strategy AI FOR ALL promises a successful implementation of machines capable of thinking, reasoning and solving a lot of problems we face every day. Healthcare, logistics, agriculture, smart cities and infrastructure alongside education sectors are predicted to be the hotspots of implementation of the AI-based systems. 

Apart from the implementations by the government, a number of private and public ventures are also spearheading the AI movement in the country. 

This article will concentrate on a few exceptional companies in various fields with impressive success in the incorporation of AI in their services.


AVAAMO in conversational AI

In the conversational AI genre, AVAAMO is a popular and well-known name these days. The company provides its clients with intelligent robots capable of carrying out a conversation and understanding the issues and problems in need of quick solutions. The service is much like chatbots, asking to help whenever you visit a website armed with the tech. Evidently, this company is involved with major brands and services who use electronic customer care and reception systems. The most impressive feature of AVAAMO is, their conversational AI uses very advanced natural language processing to make verbal interaction with the system feasible. It uses the data of used cases and real conversational data for consumer engagement.

NIRAMAI in the healthcare sector 

In the healthcare industry, NIRAMAI is achieving wonders. It is a breast cancer detection platform both artificially intelligent and capable. The AI of NIRAMAI is making miracles with thermolytics for detection of breast cancer. More than 150000 breast cancer patients are diagnosed every year in India and approximately 75000 patients do not survive. NIRAMAI’s success is making a difference indeed. The computer-aided machine learning-based detection system used by NIRAMAI is non-invasive, safe and secured from any third party interventions. It can perform early detection of malignancy by studying the heat distribution of the body, overcoming the limitations of mammography as well. 


Healthcare is one of those sectors where India needs technological help. Students undergoing machine learning courses in Delhi, Bangalore, or other Indian cities can eye this sector for a sustainable career. 

CROPIN in the agriculture sector 

CROPIN is an AI-based service concentrating on the agriculture industry. CROPIN provides farmers with all kinds of information related to their farms. It can predict yield, assess weather and irrigation information of a region using satellite data, offering a better management package for the farmers. The AI-enabled farming guide is something new for the farmers of the country and a successful mass implementation might take a long time given the growth rate of the industry. But If implemented properly and if awareness is spread with care, it is destined to change the farmers’ way of living and growing food for the country.


RUBIQUE in the Fintech sector

Market, business and the economy are all about numbers and today’s AI is very much adept with numbers. Inevitably the AI and finance sector will come closer for mutual betterment. The Fintech startups in India are the evidence we seek for drawing a conclusion regarding the same. 

RUBIQUE is one such company stating a mission of making finance easy. By introducing predictability in the finance sector RUBIQUE is poised to revolutionize the market and the fintech industry. The AI is capable of expert matchmaking, finding lenders and loans in a less risky way by introducing predictability in its work model. It is trying to mitigate the risk in finance and lending. 

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Another name worth mentioning is Lendingkart. Spread across 1300 plus cities, the service concentrating on helping small businesses with finding lenders and loans. Lendingkart also analyses Big data to let the lender know about the borrower’s capabilities for a safer experience.

Small startups need to concentrate on their product and services during the initial days, for sustenance and survival. Lendingkart helps them do exactly that by reducing anxiety regarding the flow of cash.


LOGINEXT in the logistics sector

LOGINEXT is a prominent name in the logistics industry. Loginext provides AI based services to logistics businesses and individuals. The Company offers options for controlling and coordinating a whole fleet of vehicles. Also managing delivery related problems such as planning the deliveries and optimizing the route and time. Loginext truly takes the logistics industry to the next level in the country by making it fast, efficient, and safe.  LOGINEXT is capable of tracking and optimizing performance to a field agent level, making it the weapon of choice from smaller to bigger companies in the industry.