5 Healthy Outdoor Activities For You And Your Pet

It’s a lovely day folks! Even with the winters on the mend, nothing can stop the high spirit of your dog to go outdoors. If you are a proud owner of a dog you’d understand dogs can’t just sit still now can they? Dogs need more physical activities even more so than humans do. This means when your dog is jumping excitedly you should let him out for once and let him have the fun he wanted to have. It’s best to plan outdoor activities with your pet for healthy growth and to boost your dog’s stamina too.

So is exercising alright? It is, but before you plan on any outdoor endeavors you need to take care of some things first. It’s time for you to buy the latest outdoor dog supplies to accommodate the outdoor activities and so that you can keep strict control over your dog.

After careful sets of observations, for your ease, we have compiled a list of activities your dog will love to do with you.


If you are a cyclist even as a hobbyist then this is the best cardio you can enjoy. But dont cycle at a high speed either because your dog will be accompanying you!

It’s pretty much normal for people to take their dog on biking. Although you are the one riding the bike but tagging your dog along, making him run close is a good start of the day. If you are worried about your dog’s safety you need to get an adjustable length dog leash so that you can keep him in close proximity.

Dogs love the extra bouts of energy and releasing it on the slow run (more like jogging) will ensure they do get to burn their calories too.


Of course, this one is a given. When you are planning to go camping, take your pet with you. You can’t leave your dog behind. Being a nature lover this is yet another good time to spend with your dog. When taking care of outdoor dog supplies do make sure to add a dog’s tent too. These are portable and lightweight crates. You can always prepare your dog in advance for upcoming camping.

You can buy the necessary supplies from any of the local stores or online.


What can you do with an urban dweller dog? If you happen to live in New York City, the urban settlement doesn’t allow much camping ground but there are parks you can take your dog for playing. As long as the park is filled with other dogs, your dog can even socialize! While you chit chats your way or go for a jog, you can either take your dog with you or call in the dog sitter to steer your furry friend with the neighbor dogs alongside.

Take your dog to the park that is strongly fenced, so that even if they run loose they won’t get lost. Also, make sure your dog collar is on too.

But you do need to make sure that your dog doesn’t go into a hyper frenzy of being let out. Perhaps the reason why you should always bring the dog leash too.

Play Fetch

If you want to get your dog excited take a twig or a frisbee and play fetch! The healthiest and simplest activity you can enjoy even in the backyard of your home. Sometimes you can make the time of the day to plan a special activity so get your coffee in one hand and relax. All you need is to sit on your recliner while the kids throw frisbee or twigs so that your dog can fetch them.

This is one of the most interesting ways for your dogs to learn jumping tricks too. You can even teach your dog new commands. You can use dog toys for fetch so that you’d know the materials are safe to play with.


Can dogs swim? Yes! They have the natural ability to do so. Sure, dogs don’t like to get wet but they do tend to enjoy water from time to time. So if your pet is one of those dogs who love to get wet, swimming is the next best healthy activity. You can go swim in a safe spot and take your dog with you.

Swimming is a low-impact exercise as it doesn’t stress the joints of a senior dog. Your dog can swim in the chlorinated water but do not make it a regular habit as it can damage the fur. However, taking your dog to the beachside is another matter.

So which one is your favorite outdoor activity? Whatever activity you may decide to do just have fun yourself and with your cute furry friend!


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