5 Tips to Showcase Abstract Art Prints

canvas art prints

No matter how perfect your interiors are, you can always give them a finishing touch by displaying your recently purchased wall art prints in the most fascinating way. With the immense penchant for buying canvas art prints, there comes the responsibility to hang these enchanting pieces of artwork in the most artistic manner so that it transforms your home like never before. From taking care of the proper lighting to hanging the pieces of the right size, there are tons of the factors to keep in mind to showcase your abstract art prints rightfully. It’s time to get off the dime and learn to turn your drab room into a fab one.

Tip 1: Run a Mock Trial

Before covering your wall with impressive canvas art prints, make sure that you create a mock-up on the floor by placing them just like the way you want to see them displayed on the wall. This will help you understand whether or not they look good together or create a sense of balance. By arranging the wall art prints beforehand, you can avoid the blunder of misplacement of the prints.

Tip 2: Buy What You Appreciate

No matter how much effort you put, some people will always be blasé about your choices and styling techniques. Thus, don’t buy home décor items and accessories to impress others. It is your sanctuary and you deserve to pamper it the way you want. Don’t always consider the size, orientation, and color according to your interior theme and space. There’s no harm in experimenting by opting for something extraordinary and timeless. By hanging the abstract art prints of your choice, you not only enhance the aesthetics of your space but also uplift your mood and spirit.

Tip 3: Don’t Rush to Display the Pieces

When you bring home a brand new artwork, you just cannot wait to glam your wall up with it. Well, before hanging it on the wall, make sure you check the lighting in the room. You have to understand how daylight, lampshade, and evening light react to your artwork at different times of the day. Your observation will help you identify the best place to showcase the wall art prints. Trust me, by doing so you will be able to find a spot that will turn a barren wall into a great focal point for your guests.

Tip 4: Position Does Matter

Hang your statement pieces of art in the most exposed area of your abode and that is the living room and bedroom. There’s no point hanging your most prized possession art in the rooms your guests barely visit. No doubt, the wall art prints you’ve purchased are to please your eyes, but they are also to show off your one-of-a-kind choices to your visitors. Place them above the sofa set to get impact and wow factor. Moreover, don’t display them too high as it will make them look lost somewhere in the wall instead of complementing it. They should be showcased at the eye level to get the perfect view of the images.

Tip 5:  Forget the Nail and Hammer

Break the stereotypical method of hanging the artwork. If you want to group your favorite pieces of abstract art prints, then you need not showcase them on a single wall like an art gallery. You can even use a picture ledger or a shelf to keep them next to each other or lean multiple frames on one another. But to achieve this look, you should have the prints of different sizes. This will create a collage effect without the use of a nail and hammer.

I hope these tips work wonders for your home and make it a place you would love coming back to after a grueling day at work.