6 Tips to Cope Up With The Drastic Shift of Education System to E-Learning 2020

How the shift to remote learning might affect students, instructors and  colleges


The Coronavirus pandemic forced the world to move, seclude, rethink, and restructure its ways. Despite all the death casualties and the economic losses such as unemployment, the world was forced to revolutionize in dazzling manner. And the education fraternity saw the most noticeable change during this massive shift.

An Unprecedented Circumstances                                                               

Long ago children used to smile while sitting right next to each other in classes, the professor would rarely catch them sharing expressions and gestures. A crowd of students used to throng the hallways of high schools and universities right before the commencements of classes and right after ending also. Then the pandemic happened and the institutes had no choice but to shut down and opt for E-learning.  Unemployment also surged even though it did not affect me as I already have an CIPD assignments online, and Australia situated. Yet I could still sense the big gap by hearing from my friends. I finally decided to write a blog for the teachers and the students who I am related to professionally in order to help them cope up.

Tips for Teachers 

The following are some helpful major tips for teachers in order to encourage them to adopt the new norms of e-learning in 2020.

1.      Embracing the Digitization

For teachers, it is now mandatory to adapt to the digital shift since a majority of the are still reluctant in shaping towards digitalization. This will increase the chances of employability of the professors as well as enrich their knowledge by exploring new dynamics of teaching.

2.      Keeping It Strictly Professional

Teachers who perceive e-learning means delivering a lecture in your pajamas and Mickey Mouse Gown should know that they are badly mistaking and that it should be kept extremely professional just like in schools as many students get to see you in camera. Plus, it is highly advised to conduct class while having a professional or decent background. Conducting online classes on the same timing as they were conducted back on campus is vital along with finding a silent place to conduct lectures.

3.      Making Others Embrace the Trend

As there is a huge number of teachers as well as students who are not willing to adapt the new digital trend, the only way to make them use to is through encouraging, support, and motivation. Hence it his crucial to provide assistance to one’s peers and students if they are finding any sort of trouble using the technology

Tips for Students

While teachers have more issues regarding adaptability, students should consider the following,

1.      Keeping It Professional

Just like the teachers, it would be better for the students also in maintaining some level of decency and formalness like they exhibit when at a school or college.  It is necessary to have a decent background while participating in online lectures. Students should not consider eating or drinking while attending classes and should maintain discipline as if they were in school.

2.      Stay Focused During Classes

Just because students are at their home does not mean in any way to take the class lightly, especially if it’s of a subject related to numbers. Students should arrange a fine calm place with no noise and disturbance. They should also keep their smartphones away for as long as the class is being conducted. This will not only keep student informed and instill knowledge, it will also create an image of mutual respect between them and their professor.

3.      Always Plan Ahead

Students should gather and arrange their stationary and notes at least 30 mins before an online lecture starts. They should make sure they’ve done their dissertation help company or assignments and have submitted them within the deadline stated by their instructor.  Even I faced trouble once during my online college lecture when I had forgotten to write my essay because of non-seriousness and failed.

The Crux

The sudden and imposing shift towards technology might intimidate many, especially from the education and the academics world, yet it is a chance to think of it as an opportunity to rewire your behavior whether you are a student or a teacher