August 11, 2022
7 Techniques To Memorize More Easily

There are different memorize techniques that we can use to prepare any subject, but we must not forget that memorizing is not learning or understanding, so if in the future we want to have a good knowledge of our studies, we must be clear that we will also need to do comprehensive readings and use other study techniques that help us have a good understanding of the subject.

  1. Association of ideas

When you are reading in your notes what you have to learn by heart, remember to associate each key concept with another related thing that you already know. In this way, it will be much easier for you to later retrieve the information when you need it because you will be able to resort to the “pre-existing files” of your brain and the understanding of the concepts will be greater, because it does not start from a new knowledge, but, by associating it with another that you already had, it is as if you were building a house from the ground up.

  1. Memorize Jokes

Already. There are subjects that are not funny, but try to get your sense of humor because it will be much easier to memorize something if you have fun in the process. Try to make jokes, jokes or puns with what you have to learn and you will see how it fits quickly. If you also study in a group, the jokes will come out on their own, so let it happen and have fun.

  1. Become a poet

If jokes are not your thing but you are able to make pairings without difficulty, use them to memorize more quickly. Rhymes, in addition to being fun (and we have already said in the previous point that it helps), have a sound that affects our auditory memory more easily than prose (as long as we study them aloud, of course). Thus, in a short time we can learn a lot of concepts that will help us achieve the outstanding dream.

  1. Comparison

Compare what your notes say with the plot of your favorite series, with a novel you have read or with a movie. When you are in the exam and stress makes you think that you do not know, you will only have to go back to the fiction you have chosen to recover what you have learned. It is true that there are subjects so boring that it is difficult to think that they would serve as inspiration for an artist, but if you think about it, you will surely find a story that you can use.

  1. Acronyms

When you need to remember several points, you can make a single word with the initials of each point. In this way you can go “pulling the thread” until you get the complete content. This is the typical mnemonic rule that is super useful if we have the typical teacher who keeps sending lists to memorize or if there are a lot of formulas to learn.

  1. Make up your own story

When we have before us one of those subjects that include very long texts in which different historical events take place, turning the matter around by creating a short and personal story with the help of ghost writers that connects the essential points that we cannot forget will allow us to retain everything better and not leave ourselves nothing in the pipeline during the exam.

  1. Sing

How many songs can you hum? The acoustic information of our brain seems to have no end and, instead, we have trouble remembering what we did last Tuesday. There are several explanations for this, but keep in mind that music helps us to memorize. Do you remember the ditties that were used to learn multiplication tables or the alphabet in English? Well, if you are still able to sing them, you will get an idea of ​​how useful it can be if you put music to what you need to memorize. Don’t be shy and start composing your own songs.

Remember that all memorization techniques are very useful tools, but that they must be accompanied by other study techniques such as underlining, summaries, diagrams, cards, tests, etc.

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