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A Parent’s Role in career selection

A Parent’s Role in career selection

A well-planned career resonates with satisfaction and passion. Oftentimes, parents are the biggest help in the process. They are experienced, know how the world works, and can protect their child from making bad decisions. Parents play a valuable role in a child’s academic life. escort

We as career experts have some contradictory opinions on this matter.

The Role of a parent


Times are changing; today parents are more like a friend or a guide to their children. As the education system becomes more dynamic, parents ought to guide their children to be independent and active in decision making. The authoritative nature of parents diminishes and becomes that of guidance. escort bayan

Parents must know, their preferable choice of career may not match that of their child. So, they must open-minded while helping their child and also protect them from peer pressure. This role is of the utmost importance in career selection.

Important factors parents must consider in career selection


Children today either opt for online aptitude test for career selection or consult face to face with the best career counselors in India. Either way, some factors determine the results. Both parents and children must consider these factors as crucial. bayan escort


  • Skillset: A child’s skillset is an amalgamation of passion, personality, weakness, and strength. A career aptitude test scientifically tests these paradigms to deliver relevant skill-based information for career selection.


  • Passion: Passion plays a vital role in a career. If a child is not passionate about a particular career, it becomes difficult to grow or learn. Parents must have sound knowledge of their child’s passions before shortlisting viable careers.



  • Informed decisiveness: Looking at the academic world, the way it is right now, it is very easy to get carried away. Children as well as parents do get easily influenced by careers trending or peer choices. The idea is to be well informed of career and whether it would suit the child.


  • Scope: There will come a time when the studies get over and the job hunting starts. Ensure that the career of choice has a good scope in a professional field. The greater the scope, the better the chances of a reputable job.



  • Budget: This factor is often shadowed; however, budget is very important. Different careers have different remunerations. For instance, a medical student would require double the budget of a B.Sc. student. Parents must consider the careers they can afford, to have a comfortable journey.

To help parents play the right role in career selection, here are some added tips.

  • Assess your child’s abilities; both weakness and strength.
  • Allow your children to know their passion and help them achieve those.
  • Whichever career they choose, give them the idea of professional life. You can introduce them to someone in that career.
  • Do not let peers affect your child’s mental health.
  • Children must know failure is alright; what is most important is hard work.
  • Seek professional help whenever necessary.

Taking career ideas from parents or teachers or peers may not turn out to be good choices. A psychometric test helps students get an insight into careers that match their skill set. Psychologists and career experts develop psychometric tests to measure the mental capabilities of individuals. Even though psychometric tests are not a recent discovery, these became popular among school-goers through the internet. There are several psychometric tests in the market; at the Career Aptitude Test, we offer a free psychometric test