A Seemless Internet Connection With The Wavlink Wireless Router

wavlink wireless router – I am a broker in the stock market and I invest in the share market. So officially I am the middleman to execute the trade. This requires a perfect internet connection 24hours of the day every year. I need to keep an eye on the stock market such as the recent surge in Moderna stock. Based on this rise and fall in the stock market, I invest an amount of money on which if luck favors, I earn a profit else I lose a part of my money. A year back, this constant look at the share market was not possible.

My internet connection was not sufficient and the dead spots in my home added to my already existing trouble. I was searching for a wireless router that went in with the aesthetic of my living room, did its job pretty well, and was not too heavy for my wallet. The wavlink router did fulfill all of these. It has got a high performance at a relatively cheaper price.

Wavlink Router Device

I am totally satisfied with its performance as I had no trouble within this one year. It works perfectly as of now. It is perfect if you are searching for a wireless router for your large house or your office. The connection speed was much better than my previous router and I am satisfied with my purchase. The dead spots in my house now do have a fairly good internet connection. I never thought this would have been possible if I did not go for the wavlink router.

Keeping an eye on the stock market has been easier now and I never have to worry about the internet connection and speed anymore. The wavlink router promises to upgrade your network to the next generation of Wi-Fi and it fulfills its promise. I have a computer, two laptops, and three mobile phones connected to the router, and it works perfectly.

Logging in and Setting up the Wavlink Wireless Router

Wavlink makes the installation and the wavlink router setup effortless and easy for everyone with the help of their app. You just need to download the wavlink app and you will have all the steps to follow while setting up the router, just in front of you. It will also allow you to easily monitor, connect, or control your home network from a computer, iPhone, iPad, or any Android device. The wavlink router web interface is the control panel of your router and all the settings are stored over there. To make any changes to your network you will have to log in to your Wavlink router by clicking on login.

More Steps

To get access to the wavlink router interface, you need to have your wavlink wireless router and access to the network either through LAN-cable or Wi-Fi. You need to make sure that you are connected to your wavlink router. Then on the address bar of your web browser, you need to type in the IP address, or you can also type After that, the setup page shall pop in front of your eyes. Then you need to enter the username and password of your wavlink router. These login credentials will be printed at the bottom of your wavlink router. Once you have logged in, you could now access the admin page and will be able to change any settings over there. Make sure that you do not break the network while configuring the wireless router.

Steps To Follow When The Wavlink Router Stops While Configuring

It could be possible that you made a mistake while configuring the wavlink wireless router. Now the router has stopped working. Well, you need not worry as in such cases if you by mistake make some change that breaks your Wavlink home network. Then you have to always go back to zero and follow the steps of configuring again. By following the generic 30 30 30 hard reset trick. Keep in mind that this is the last resort, and if you still have access to the Wavlink interface. You can just go along and login to try and change the settings first. So make sure that you have written down the original credentials/values before making any change to that.

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