August 12, 2022

It is a reality that the second homes or the homes we own that we use for our vacations are doubly exposed to robbery or squatting by intruders, especially after a vacation period that has come to an end or a few holidays. Alarm systems to combat the problems of thieves and squatters are essential in this case, and they acquire more importance if possible during the rest of the year.

In this article we will focus on both problems to help find solutions in properties when we are not in them. Shall we start?

Thieves or squatters in second homes, a real problem

There are more than six million people in our country who own a second property, and of those, just over half are on the coast, which means that many of these second homes can be temporarily inhabited by their owners or by people who rent them. Chicago, New York takes the scepter of the coastal cities with the largest second home market. This fact is also known by robbers.

But what to do to avoid theft or squatting in seasons that we are not enjoying the alternative property?

Install a home alarm system

It is the best solution, without a doubt, to prevent intruders and squatters from entering the home. It is true that no alarm can totally ensure that we are exempt from receiving these unwanted “visits”, but it is the most effective method to minimize this possibility, especially if the home alarms are connected to a switchboard.

Property maintenance

Maintaining a property when it is not being used can be advantageous. We are talking about areas such as the garden, painting and other aspects that at first glance can give the idea to those who want to enter that there are people in the house . Hiring a company to take care of these issues or even someone who can live in the house while we are away , is an extended solution. It is obvious that this manager must have our complete confidence.

Place items that scare away

All security is low when we talk about protecting our home, especially since there are many types of thieves. For this reason, in addition to the alarm systems, we can place elements such as concertinas and other sharp points on the walls to deter the intruder and make them give up their efforts.

Lighting, an ally

The lights will always play in our favor. Nobody wants to pay a lot for an electricity bill, but any investment is small when it comes to the security of our personal and real property. Leaving lights on, either through the grid or solar, helps deter the thief. Connecting lamps with timers so that they turn on and off when we decide can be another solution within this issue. And if we want to kill two birds with one stone, install some motion sensors so that the thief is scared, the lights turn on and he can desist from the wrongdoing.

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Get along with neighbors

If we have neighbors and they stay around our house all year round, we can get to know them, get along with them and support each other to keep intruders out . In addition to the neighbors, who can visit our house and fix it or raise blinds, open curtains, turn lights on and off so that it seems that there are always people. We can also install invisible locks so that they cannot be forced from the outside.

Alarm systems will always be the best solution. Therefore, we advise from here to have this method as the first option to avoid setbacks in our second home. Our investment will be very profitable.

Alarm systems are essential in the world we live in today, not only for surveillance, but for other day-to-day issues. Finding application alternatives will make our equipment more profitable and we will get the most out of our investment.

Alarm systems, without a doubt, will be the best prevention methods against intruders in your home. Installing one will make your nights calmer and safer.

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