Amaze Your loved Ones With The Treats this Diwali

Amaze‌ ‌your‌ ‌loved‌ ‌ones‌ ‌with‌ ‌the‌ ‌most‌ ‌savory‌ ‌treats‌ ‌this‌ ‌Diwali‌

All set to welcome warm wishes and long lost relatives? You know exactly what I’m talking about, right? The mother of all the festivals is coming – Diwali. Diwali is an important and of the most celebrated festivals of India. The celebration is not restricted to the land of India, but all around the globe can feel the festive vibes.

This grand festival is accompanied by lots of customs and traditions. Though the customs may differ from religion to religion or on the basis of the location, one this is for sure, and that is you can expect Diwali gifts for your loved ones. 

Amaze Your Loved Ones With The Treats this Diwali

Exchanging gifts on Diwali is a tradition and one of the most common ones too. It does not matter what is presented in the gift, but sending one is a gesture of love that people follow with the whole heart. So, you can soon expect some amazing Diwali gifts in Mumbai and maybe the sender as well.

This is the season of guests too. People pay visits to each other especially on Diwali even if they have not met you in a long time. Soon you will be having guests over your place you know, people who bring you amazing Diwali gifts and best wishes all the way from different parts of the country. If you want to welcome them in a memorable way, then I have an idea for you. Welcome them with a savory treat that they will never forget and will make you their favorite host. If you want to know some easy recipes to try your hand at, keep reading. 

Gulab jamun

If you have tasted gulab jamuns, you will know why I have put this dessert on the top of this list. Gulab jamuns are actually balls of love dipped in sugar syrup. Gulab jamuns are a dessert of north India but its fans are spread all over the country. If you ever conduct a survey of favorite desserts, most Indians will vote for this one.

This makes it the best welcoming dish you can treat your guests with, especially when it is homemade. Though you can easily purchase gulab jamuns from the market, I should tell you that freshly homemade gulab jamuns taste very different from the ones that are preserved. Using this simple dessert you can even create many fusion desserts. All of them are as delicious as this one because they have the main ingredient ‘gulab jamuns’ in it. It is a pure treat for a gulab jamun lover. This can be even the best Online Diwali gift delivery in Noida if packed in a box. 


Malpura is the Indian style pancakes that are dipped in cardamom syrup. Coming from the land of Rajasthan, this treat is sure to win the heart of your guests. The dessert is a very sweet tasting treat because it is served dipped in cinnamon syrup. There are various versions of malpuras depending upon the regions as each region has its own customized version for you. So, when you look out for recipes for malpura, you may get different recipes, pick the one most loved in your area. Made with fermented batter, the batter then is fried to make this dessert. The main flavors that you can get in it are fennel seeds, cardamom, kesar, and pistachios. You can serve it both hot or cold. 

Gajar ka halwa (carrot pudding)

Okay, you have to confess that most of the amazing desserts in our country come from the north side, especially Punjab. Here is another treat coming from the land of Punjab, gajar ka halwa. The fan following of these desserts is much more than you can expect. This is a mood-lifting dessert that is a staple of the Punjabi houses during the winter season. So, when you are expecting guests in the festive season, you can prepare gajar ka halwa to welcome them in the sweetest way. Soon, you will get carrots in the market at a cheaper rate as its carrot season again. 

Indian rice pudding (kheer)

You don’t need a big appetite to store this dessert because this Indian dessert goes straight to the heart. So, you don’t have to worry if your guests are already full of the stock they tried in other’s houses while delivering gifts. Nobody can say no to a bowl of kheer or Indian rice pudding especially when this luscious bowl of rice pudding is adorned with cashew nuts, almonds, and raisins. So, try kheer to impress your guests. 


This sweet comes straight from the land of Bengal where people are crazy for this dessert. If you haven’t tried this dessert ever, then trust me you are missing so much in life. This is a dessert that will make your loved ones go ‘wow’. Try the recipes, I assure you that it is an easy recipe that you can master. So, these are the delectable treats that you can amaze your guests within this festive season.