August 10, 2022

Living in unusual times, where the COVID-19 pandemic has taken over the world, planting has emerged as a comforting activity for many of us. But even before the pandemic, keeping planting has remained a popular practice.

Aloe vera- The Magic Plant

Among many important plants, aloe vera has its importance. Aloe vera plant is low maintenance, succulent plant that has its recognized role as a medicinal plant. You might have heard from your favorite blogger or your grandparents about the benefits of aloe vera plants. But have you ever wondered why aloe vera has been a focus of discussion?

I started aloe vera planting a few years back when a renowned orthopedic surgeon in Rawalpindi asked me to consume aloe vera juice and aloe vera curry to relieve arthritis-induced joints pain and inflammation. I was surprised knowing how aloe vera has earned the status of a magic plant. So, in case you are wondering what the hype is about, I suggest you read this article to know more about it.

How to take care of Aloe Vera Plants? 

Before moving to the benefits of aloe vera plants, let’s know about a few tips that are important for keeping aloe vera plants at home. These are

  1. Always place the plant pot in indirect sunlight or artificial light
  2. Add fertilizer once a month
  3. Infrequently water the aloe vera plants but intensively (every 2-3 weeks)

Why do people keep plants at home?

Apart from being a hobby, plants you keep in your home have several benefits including

  • Plants at your home can result in cleaner air as well as the elimination of environmental toxins
  • Plants are natural healers and can filter and can heal burns and bruises
  • Many indoor plants act as natural humidifiers that are beneficial in dry winter months
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  • Many plants are the source of fragrance in an indoor environment 
  • Plants are found to reduce stress and can improve your mental health.

Benefits of Aloe Vera Plants

Some of the amazing benefits of aloe vera plants are;

1- Heartburn Relief

Among several other benefits of aloe vera, heartburn relief is quite important. Heartburn due to digestive disorders such as GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease) or other digestion-related problems can be relieved by the use of aloe vera. Aloe can reduce the acid production and severity of pain, relieving the problem.

2- Skin healing properties

Aloe vera plant is known for its skin healing properties since ancient times. Nutritionally speaking, aloe vera plant is rich in those vitamins and minerals that play a key role in skin healing and maintenance. Aloe vera is a rich source of vitamins A, C, and E that are required for the reproduction and healing of skin cells.

3- Aloe vera as a natural sunblock

Nearly everyone among us sued a sun protectant to avoid the possible skin damage resulting from skin exposure. To your surprise, aloe vera acts as a natural sunblock and can be used before and after sun exposure

4- Helps indigestion

Apart from being a good skincare agent, aloe vera also plays a role to improve digestion. Some of the important roles aloe vera plays for digestion are;

  • Aloe vera can help to improve the iron absorption
  • Besides this, aloe vera also helps to prevent bloating
  • Aloe vera also aids the liver functioning by encouraging bile production
  • Aloe vera aids in bowel movement which keeps the intestinal lining clear.

5- Immunity booster

The use of probiotics or other immunity boosters has remained in practice for longer times. But do you know that aloe vera plants can also boost immunity? Yes, aloe vera helps to protect and improve our immune system functioning. Aloe vera can also nullify the effects of free radicals and oxidative stress etc.

6- Anti-ageing

Anti-aging creams and serums are ruling the beauty industry for obvious reasons. But these chemical products are also linked with some potential side effects. I remember once a friend of mine got a severe reaction due to using some locally available anti-aging product. She was then treated at Al Ihsan Hospital in Rawalpindi but she never fully recovered.

However, in contrast to these chemical products, aloe vera can slow down the natural aging process of our body. Aloe vera gel increases the production of collagen that accounts for the improved flexibility of our skin. Besides this, aloe vera also keeps the skin moistened which retains the skin integrity.

7- Antimicrobial properties

Aloe vera plant also has antimicrobial properties that can reduce microbial infections by inhibiting the growth of potentially infectious microbes. Thus, aloe vera can also be used as a natural antimicrobial and antiviral agent that can treat acne and other skin problems too.

Take away Note!

Aloe vera is a multi-purpose plant having numerous health benefits. But the long-term undirected usage of aloe vera can also be damaging. So, before taking aloe vera for a particular reason, make sure you always get your physician’s opinion.

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