An Extraordinary Guide for Designing and Printing of CBD Boxes

With the legalization and increase in the demand for cannabis products, the manufacturers are in a race to make their brand sell more. For this purpose, they are finding out new and innovative ways to stand out. An exceptionally designed CBD packaging can contribute much in this regard. In addition to securing your product the best, such packaging can highlight your brand more effectively. The use of advanced designing and printing can change the entire look of your CBD boxes. They give a unique identity to your products making them identifiable on shelves. The days of dull-looking CBD packaging have gone. Companies are revolutionizing their processes to create an amazing packaging solution to fit their need. Here is an extraordinary guide for designing and printing your CBD boxes to generate the best results.

Choose the Best Quality Material:

Perfect packaging starts with the best quality material. There are wide ranges of choices available industry-wide to fulfil your packaging requirements. Some of the popular options include cardboard, paperboard, eco-friendly Kraft paper, corrugated and rigid material. All of them are die-cut friendly and supports a variety of printing techniques. The manufacturers can create the boxes in any shape, size, colour, and design of their choice. Moreover, cardboard and all of its forms are recyclable, affordable, and highly durable.

Their non-toxic and moisture-resistant properties have made them occupy a special place across the retail packaging sector. When the material you choose is of excellent quality, the packaging it produces will also be of high value. It provides the best support to your CBD products by delivering them safely to the customers’ doorstep. Kraft and cardstock boxes are usually used for local shipment, whereas corrugated and rigid boxes are considered best for international delivery. Design them with your logo and other branding details and print with amazing patterns to create a mesmerizing display.

Use an Attractive Opening Style:

An innovatively and creatively designed CBD box always stands out from the crowd. It gives a distinct look among hundreds of similar products present on retail shelves. To make your packaging more eye-catchy, the manufacturers experiment with an array of box opening styles. This adds to the appeal of your products and help in arousing customers’ interest in your brand. Here are some of the interesting options to consider;

Tuck-end CBD Boxes:

Boxes with tuck ends are the most commonly used CBD packaging option. They offer a smooth opening and closing making your packaging highly durable to use. The tucked flaps provide maximum holding strength to your boxes. As a result the retails and the manufacturers may enjoy peace of mind that their packaging will remain sturdy and well-shaped even after external pressure or mishandling. Tuck end boxes are further of three types: straight-end, auto-lock bottom, and reverse end. All of them have their functionality and use. Just select the right box style depending upon your CBD packaging requirement and design it attractively to catch the customer’s eye.

Sleeve CBD Boxes:

The CBD oil bottles look very elegant in sleeve boxes. This is because the structural design and shape of sleeve packaging is highly adorable and looks different from traditional packaging solutions. It comes in the form of a slider with an inner tray displaying the product beautifully inside. Further, you can also avail of add-on options of introducing PVC window or a die-cut pattern to make them more appealing.

Display CBD Boxes:

Another commonly used CBD packaging that you will find in every retail store is the display boxes. They are designed adorably to showcase your collection of CBD products. Whether it’s CBD oil, concentrates, tinctures, creams, or any other CBD product, display packaging is ideal to make your brand noticeable. Design it in attractive colours and eye-catchy fonts to give a broader appeal.

Highlight your CBD Packaging by Adding Attractive Features.

Adding enticing features as a part of your packaging design can make your CBD brand more inspiring for the customers. They not only enhance the display but also prove functional to use. For example, the use of inserts to place your CBD products is the best way to stylize your packaging. Introducing a window or a die-cut facilitates the customers in viewing the contents inside. Be playful with different geometric shapes according to your choice. Get them embossed with your brand’s logo, a quotation, or an advertising message to highlight your brand more effectively in the marketplace. Similarly, there are a variety of add-on options you may use to enhance the outer look or add functionality to your CBD packaging.

You may also go for specialized finishing effects like UV spot printing, gloss/matte lamination, foil stamping, embossing, debossing, and aqueous coating, etc. for creating a refined look. Some high-quality CBD brands also go for introducing custom stickers, printed tape, and tags, etc to provide a superior customer experience. Such outstanding features will make your brand occupy a good position in the market.

Select the Best Color Model for Your CBD Packaging Printing:

The more unique your packaging is, the more customers it might win. To enhance the innovativeness of your CBD boxes opt for the best and high-quality colour models. For this, you may have to hire some experts to help you in creating exceptional printed packaging. They may guide you well about different colour combinations you may use to make your brand stand out. The two commonly used options include CMYK and PMS colour models. CMYK focuses on cyan, yellow, magenta, and key black colours. You can derive several amazing combinations by mixing these colours. It helps you to avoid pixel breaking issues. On the other hand, the Pantone matching system is another important colour model. It is comparatively expensive as compared to CMYK. However, you can use it to design high-value packaging for your CBD brand.

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