Traditional Arabian Desserts and Arabic Sweets

Traditional Arabian Desserts and Arabic Sweets In Dubai
Traditional Arabian Desserts and Arabic Sweets In Dubai

Sweets or candy are the confections these prepare by the addition of sugar. In most parts of the world, people used to have some desserts or sweets after lunch and dinner. The fresh-baked sweets and dessert that ready with the finest ingredients are the liking of every person. Each bite is a true taste of heaven. The term sweets can apply to many confections or desserts like cookies, cakes, custards, ice-cream, pies, pudding, pastries, and any other things that cook by adding sugar.

Sweets have been used in ancient civilizations. People frequently used it whenever they have some good news or want to express some happiness. Early when sweets and cakes are not so common, then sugarcane and honey are normally used in the whole world.

In UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and generally in the Middle East, sweets are commonly used in every event, if it is related to some good news or some great celebrations. Arabic sweets in Dubai are of great variety and extra tasty sweets. Arabs taking pride in their specialty and most authentic Arabic sweets taste is incredibly different and no match from other world sweets.

Arabic Sweets Dubai

Arabic sweets are known as the best sweets in the entire world. The abundance of Arabic sweets in Dubai or Abu Dhabi and the people liking for having desserts and sweets is not hidden from anyone. The Arabic traditional sweet shop enhances the taste and spirit of the event, especially in Ramadan. People are fond of having something sweet, especially when they have fast.

In Dubai, UAE, and Abu Dhabi, Arab people used to have some sweet after taking their meal. Here are some Arabic sweets near me in Dubai. These are popular for keeping the fresh-baked sweets and other sugary items.

So The Well-Known Arabic Sweets Near Me In Dubai And Abu Dhabi Are:

  • Al Aqsa has an excess of Arabic sweets. The most liked item of this shop is Kunafa, a hot favorite dessert of Arab people.
  • Al sultan sweets in Abu Dhabi and UAE are famous sweet shops and have many other shops in other states. Their online services are also popular.
  • The diabetic-friendly classic Arabic sweets are available in Al Baba sweets. There is a vast variety of sweets, delights, and other Arabic cookies available all the time.
  • The best mix is the top leading Arabic confectionaries in Dubai and offers various sugary dessert items and sweet delights.
  • Khaleej bakeries and pastries offer a sweet treat for its customers, especially for those fond of eating sweets and desserts.
  • Ibsais is also a famous shop. Almost all the sweets items are freshly baked and prepared in a well hygienic atmosphere.
  • In Al Khalidiya, Qwaider Al Nabulsi is a famous dessert shop and a perfect spot where you can find different varieties of sweet products.
  • Al Samadi is a good choice for sweet lovers who want sweets in their daily routine. This famous brand also has cakes and pastries in a very reasonable amount.
  • Al Dar sweets have the best sweet products item to satisfy their customers.
  • Feras Sweets has a traditional identity, or its professional operations start after its existence of twenty years. Now feras become the most leading and innovating Arabic sweet all over Dubai. In early 1993 it was a simple shop that reaches its top height by just having a fresh and wide variety of sweet products and confectionary. The high-quality ingredients are one of the best secrets of its popularity. Under high supervision, all the employees perform their duties as professional tricks to enhance their business.

Arabic Sweets Abu Dhabi

There are lomanyserts and sweets that the world whicthatisfy their lovers by providing the taste of either its sweet honey syrups or other flavored desserts.

Here we discuss some of the tops wanted delectable sweets or desserts that are common in Dubai and Abu Dhabi:


This is the most famous dish in the Middle East. It is a sort of cake made of semolina and soaked in sugary syrup that is flavored by coconut.


Kunafa is a phyllo pastry type that stuffed with a white soft cheese, it is crunchy in taste and made of semolina, and you can say that it is a version of cheesecake.


During the Ottoman Empire, this dish developed and became a tasty dessert in Arab. This dessert can be found in other countries also.

Aish El-Saraya

This dessert is specific for special occasions, and it is a sort of royal dish related to Lebanese cuisine. It is like sweet bread dip in sugary syrup and made with the addition of cream.


Qatayef is an Arabic famous dessert that is mostly eaten in the month of Ramadan. This is made with akkawi cheese and sometimes filled with nuts and covered with powdered sugar. Baking and frying can be used to make it.


It is also known feteer malt out, and it’s a favorite dessert of the Egyptians and now mostly eaten in the Middle East. It is a baking dessert and eaten with honey, jam, and with many different options.

Halawa El Jibn

It is a Lebanese dish, and it’s a roll with cheese and heavy cream. It is commonly garnished with pistachios and nuts and decorated with red cherries.

Layali Lubnan

It’s a semolina pudding flavored with orange and vanilla. The special liquid syrup is used in its preparation and garnished with whipped cream and pistachios.


It is ready with the sesame seed paste and quite a famous dish in many cultures. It is mostly taken as breakfast in some families and a beneficial dish both for men and women.

These desserts or sweets are famous dishes, and mostly all the Arab countries are fond of having sweets or desserts in their daily routine life.