July 2, 2022
Horse Tack

Image Source: Pixabay

For beginners, you don’t need that much horse tack to start riding your horse. You only need a few basic items and there are even affordable options perfect for those who are still practicing riding a horse. For newbies, here are the most basic and recommended horse tack you need to get started in horseback riding.

It is true that horseback riding can be expensive with so much equipment a rider needs to ride the horse. However, if you’re still starting out, there’s no need to be overwhelmed by the different products and prices of equestrian equipment in the market.


First of all, you need something to sit on comfortably when riding a horse. It needs to fit perfectly on the horse’s back for better balance and to keep the horse comfortable as well during the ride. Horse saddles come in different types and sizes and there would always be one that fits your horse. You could even get pony saddles if you’re riding a pony instead of a grown horse.

Saddle Pad

A saddle pad is placed underneath the saddle to protect the back of the horse. Add some comfort during the ride. Saddle pads are versatile and can be used for any horse, unlike saddles that need to be fitted first. However, when choosing a saddle pad, be sure that it is shaped or designed more closely to suit the type of saddle you use.

Horse Tack
Image Source: Pixabay


The saddle won’t sit steadily on a horse without a girth. The girth is attached to the bottom edges on each side of a saddle and is adjusted to keep the saddle snugly fit at the back of the horse. Be sure to choose the right girth depending on the type of saddle you’re using. Since they all have different designs and are not interchangeable.

Bridle and Reins

When riding a horse, you need a piece of equipment to help you control the direction of the horse. A bridle is the basic part of a horse’s headgear. It is worn around a horse’s head and comes in different sizes to fit any type of horse. It is attached to the reins which serve as the rider’s link to the horse. Allowing the rider to control the direction of the horse during the ride. Be sure to choose one that fits perfectly on your horse so it would work well for both of you.


The bit is the equipment that is worn inside the mouth of the horse. It is also connected to the bridle and is part of the equipment that helps the rider control the horse’s direction while riding. It should fit comfortably inside the mouth of the horse to prevent unwanted behaviors during the ride.

You don’t actually need much when you want to start horseback riding. With those basic horse tack, you can already practice riding a horse and add more to your tack as your riding proficiency and experience progresses.

The real issue is finding the right size. And that’s where you will need to practice with your horse. As we all know, practice is critical when learning to ride a horse and we need to do more than just try our luck.

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