Belkin extender helped during lockdown

Belkin Extender

Belkin extender – Internet stability is essential for doing a task online. If we have better internet gadgets, we can complete our job easier. As part of my job, I often have to attend video conferences and meetings online. It requires a stable internet connection with higher speed. I have a good router in my house. But I have faced so many problems with it. The problems were mainly associated with the stability and range of the internet. I used that router to give a stronger wireless network signal strength for a Canon wireless printer on my home network. But, the printer showed problems in printing.

I found that signal strength was 40% in the place where the printer was located through diagnostics in the printer. The printer requires 70% signal strength to perform reliably and quickly. Also, unstable internet made problems when attending online meetings. I had to increase my range. So, I decided to buy a Belkin extender.

Belkin extender Features

It was a great product for the price which I paid. Also, the shipping was free. This extender is compatible with any wireless Modem and router. It increased my signal strength. Now, my printer shows 80% signal strength and it works better than before. Also, now I am able to attend online meetings and video conferences without any difficulties. My laptops, smartphones, games consoles, etc in all the rooms have a better wi-fi reception and speed with this extender. Currently, I have a full wi-fi cover with good speed in all parts of my house. I configured this extender very fast and easy. There is a setup link only for Belkin devices. If you wanted to set up a Belkin extender, you can use http://belkin.range as the default web address.

Setting up the extender

Setting up the Belkin range Extender is not a difficult process if you have an idea about the right steps and do them correctly. But we need to ensure that the Firmware of your Base Wireless Router is updated. For setting up via browser, firstly, you should plug the Belkin extender into the power outlet near the router and power it. Then, connect to the network named Belkin.setup. If you can’t find that network, search on the configuration card provided by Belkin for the network name.

Then, you need to open a browser and type http://belkin.range. If you logged into the Belkin extender setup page, the extender will guide you automatically for installation. You are able to customize the settings there such as frequency, extender network name, and password. Then, you can see a network list. You need to choose the name of the existing wireless network from the list and connect with it. You can use the password that you utilized to connect with the main router. After that, you need to save all settings and restart the wireless extender.

WPS method

There are 2 methods that you can set up a Belkin extender utilizing WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup). Let us discuss about them.

PIN Method

Firstly, you need to ensure that the main router is powered on and connected to the Internet. After that, you need to open your browser and type http://Belkin.range. Then, login to Belkin extender and select extended network settings. Then hit On WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup). Then, you need to type your pin into the given box and click On the enroll button. Belkin extender will be connected with the main wireless router in the next 2 minutes.

PBC method

In this method, you require to have a WPS key on both devices to push and enable the WPS set up. Firstly, you should power on the Belkin extender and press the WPS key on the Belkin extender. You need to hold it for 3-5 seconds to initiate the WPS setup. Then, you can see the WPS light flashing on the extender. After that press the WPS Key on the main wireless router. The extender and router will exchange security authentication within 2 minutes. You need to connect the extender to your main wireless router.

Troubleshooting Belkin Extender

It is an easy process to restore the Belkin extender to its default factory settings. Firstly, you need to plug the Belkin wireless extender into a power source. Then, take a paper clip or tiny screwdriver. You can find a reset hole (key) at the bottom of the Belkin extender. Press and hold it for 8-10 seconds till you see all lights flashing. Then, click the reset key and wait for 30 seconds. After that, you should reboot the extender utilizing the power outlet.

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