August 10, 2022

Are you looking to buy a car with an automatic gearbox? Do you have some models on your mind? As this is the time when you have to be very cautious about spending, you will prefer buying an affordable car. This time you may have a slightly tight budget or you would like to cut down on your car’s budget. Automatic cars are more expensive than manual cars and therefore you can be doubtful if it fits in your budget. Well, you do not need to worry about it because you can get some cars on a budget. However, the best way to save money is by buying from a used car market.

Automatic Car smoother driving than manual cars

Though automatic cars are notorious for burning a hole in your pocket, they allow you to have a smoother driving than manual cars. You do not need to struggle with shifting gears because all this it will do itself. Automobile companies have been increasingly hiking prices of automatic cars because they provide much more comfort compared to manual cars. There can be plenty of reasons for buying automatic cars, but it is always recommended that you should do extensive research while choosing a model. Here are some of the car models you can think of buying in 2020.

Volkswagen Golf

Used automatic Volkswagen Golf deals range between £8,000 and £9,000, and monthly finance deals start from £168. You can easily afford to pay this much price if you are looking to own a solid car. Its fast-shifting dual-clutch automatic gearbox can make your ride smoother.

The automatic car includes alloy wheels, rear tinted glass, and front heated seats. Discover navigation tools can help you make your journey successful through unknown roots. Setting your car in motion is quite tough in harsh winters, but heated front seats will always keep your car ready to go when the temperature drops. The heated windscreen washer jet will make the light functional during overnight ice.

The interior of the car is personalised to you. It meets comfort, technology, space, and everything that you need to have an amazing model of a car. It can make the whole of your journey smooth and comfortable.

Ford Fiesta

Used automatic Ford Fiesta deals range between £6,000 and £7,000, and monthly finance deals start from £120. You can buy these cars in both petrol and diesel options. It is a hybrid car that makes it more efficient than other automatic cars. It comes with advanced ecoboost system that reduces the emission and provides additional strength to the engine. It has a self-charging technology that enables the battery to recharge itself when driving.

This car is equipped with SYNC and B&O sound system to make your journey more entertaining and comfortable. It uses the advanced technology aimed at protecting you, your family, and your car from the damage in case of an accident. The most common protection features are pre-collision assist and door edge protectors.

Toyota Aygo

If you have a budget to buy a new automatic car, Toyota Aygo will be a better option. It costs around £12,000. It has distinctive features like 15-inch black machined-face alloy wheels, front fog lights, automatic air conditioning, and privacy glass on the rear window. It is equipped with all standard features that ensure that your journey will be completely safe. Stability control in Toyota Aygo is better than other automatic cars.

Other specifications include space-saver spare wheel, black front accent, red pop side sills, short antenna, body-colors front, and rear bumper, steel grey dashboard, leather gearshift, silver interior door handles, and light grey roof lining. It is also featured with reversing camera so you can get an accurate rear view while backing up your car, lane departure alert to minimise the risk of accident, emergency brake light signal, anti-lock braking system, vehicle stability control, front passenger airbag, front and rear seatbelt reminder, and rear headrests.


This automatic car model starts from £15,000. This is not expensive for a full-family car. It has a turbocharged three-cylinder engine that can maintain the speed at 112mph. Fuel economy is great and CO2 emission is stable. It is loaded with advanced technology that makes it worth paying this price. The best part about this car is it comes with 7-year/80,000 mile warranty.

It offers all advanced comfort options such as remote central locking. Speed-sensing locking, rain-sensing wipers, electric parking brake with auto-hold, front and rear electric windows. It is equipped with a blind-spot monitoring system to mitigate the collision, front dual airbags, and side airbags, anti-rolling protection, seatbelt reminders, and alarm and engine immobilizer.

Undoubtedly, automatic cars are more expensive than manual cars. If you are planning to buy them – whether used or fresh model – make sure that you can afford to pay for them regardless of the car finance option you choose. However, if you have a large amount of savings, you should try to pay for it outright because you can avoid interest costs. In case you fall short of cash, you can fill the gap with quick loans in Ireland.

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