August 10, 2022

Yes, your Linksys RE6700 extender placement matters a lot. Have you placed your extender anywhere in your home? If so, that’s a blunder mistake. The internet signals travels to the far corners, and when windows, walls, or other interference-creating obstructions come across it, Linksys range extender drops connection issue persists.

In the event that the internet speed appears to be spotty in certain areas of your home, then it’s time to relocate your Linksys WiFi range extender. Wondering about the best Linksys WiFi extender placement? Wonder no more! This post covers all your issues. Here, in this how-to tutorial you will find the best areas for your WiFi extender in your home to improve the internet range and speed. Let’s start over!

Best Linksys RE6700 Extender Placement

Linksys WiFi extender will take your internet experience to the next level. But if you keep on moving it, then it might ruin your internet experience. So, to choose the best placement for your Linksys extender, here are the points that you must take into consideration. Read on!

Place your Linksys RE6700 Extender at the Center Location

A center location in your home can be said as the best placement for your Linksys WiFi extender.

Well, middle of your house is only the location where your Linksys extender can cover all the no connectivity areas in your house. Besides, placing your Linksys extender at the center location is not enough. Placing it near to your WiFi router also matters a lot. Though after Linksys RE6700 setup, you can place it anywhere but the center location is the best.

Consider this point and improve the internet signals of your Linksys WiFi extender.

Avoid Placing your Linksys RE6700 Extender Near to Kitchen

The internet signals are affected by the kitchen appliances in your home. So, to make your Linksys extender’s WiFi signals being affected, place it away from the reach of interference-creating kitchen appliances.

Get Rid of Walls

If you don’t place your device in a proper manner, you will face issues with it even after correctly performed Linksys extender setup process. Want to know what is best for your Linksys extender? Take the following steps into consideration.

Avoid placing your Linksys extender near to concrete or thick walls.

It is best to place your Linksys extender near to open doors or windows so that you can receive the signals coming out of it in every nook and cranny of your house.

Do not Place your Linksys Extender on Floor

You can place your Linksys extender on a higher surface but you cannot place it on the floor as it can dampen its performance. So, choose a higher and open place for your Linksys extender.

Try this point and enjoy the seamless internet connectivity from courtyard to the backyard of your house.

Do not Place it Away from your Router

Your router WiFi signals are very important for your Linksys extender to work efficiently.

So, to take your WiFi to the nest level, it is suggested to place your Linksys extender in an area where it is receiving 50 percent of your router’s WiFi signals.

To Conclude

So, these were some points that you must consider while placing your Linksys WiFi extender. On the off chance that changing the placement of your Linksys device doesn’t help you in getting the most out of it, then try to update its firmware (if haven’t updated). Linksys extender firmware can help a lot in improving its performance. Access the page via internet browser and check for the firmware availability for your device.

Tip: Use Spot Finder technology to find the best location for your device. And in case of any assistance, reach out to our technical department anytime via comments.

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