May 22, 2022
Network Field Engineering Services for Smart Campuses

Network Field Engineering Services for Smart Campuses

Technology and intelligence to empower campuses

Campuses are an essential part of life in a city, and they must be as efficient and intelligent as possible.

A new wave of digital transformation will sweep cities worldwide as the digital economy and smart cities develop. In addition to smart cities, smart campuses have become important in the digital transformation of cities and upgrading industries.

Typically, government campuses, such as industrial parks, government office parks, ports, bonded zones, hospitals, and school campuses are planned and constructed by the government, or by enterprises in partnership with the government. Usually built to meet the production and research needs of specific industries, these campuses have complete water pipe networks, electricity grids, communications networks, roads, and other facilities.

Having such vast dimensions and being designed to perform important functions, the intelligent transformation and upgrade of government campuses will facilitate the digital visualization of public resources, improve business processes, enable intelligent public services, and deliver better services for users and urban residents.

Campus network security engineering
Campus network security engineering

Campuses with smart security

On a hot summer day, a high-tech industrial park operator receives an alarm notification stating that the number three building is emitting a burning odor. After recording the information about the alarm into the system, an on-duty decision-maker is alerted after verifying the authenticity of the alarm. Once the decision-maker has been informed of the alarm, he or she contacts the logistics, general affairs, and administration personnel, and together they go to investigate.

In government campuses, this is a typical procedure for handling security incidents. As a result, the entire process relies on personal experience and lacks scientific support. Additionally, a lack of data sharing among departments makes cross-departmental collaboration impossible, making the situation worse.

Use of Digital Platforms

Huawei’s digital platform and smart campus security applications enable the operator to launch the emergency response process immediately as soon as they receive an alarm via the on-duty system, and send the alarm to all on-duty decision-makers. Using handheld devices, on-duty decision-makers can instruct corresponding departments to respond to an emergency as soon as they receive the alarm.

The command center displays a map based on a real-world simulation of a geographic information system (GIS) based on the location of the incident.

On the map, you can see the potential risks, emergency handling materials, and firefighting equipment nearby. You can also view the on-site handling situation in real-time. A smart security system can handle the incident within 30 minutes.

Security personnel performs regular entrance and exit checks as well as patrols on campus as part of normal campus security management. Security staff is rarely enough to cover an entire campus on most campuses.

Powered by the smart security system, the campus network implements all-scenario situational monitoring and provides multiple intelligent security solutions. Such as automatic detection and alarms, warnings when suspicious staff crosses walls. And automatic identification of unauthorized parking and misplaced materials.

Campuses that have easy access control

Campuses can contain a wide range of businesses and organizations. Daily, the campus is not just home to employees of various companies, but also several service providers and visitors. On a campus, monitoring the flow of vehicles and people is a difficult task. With Huawei’s smart access control solution, ICT resources can be unified to jointly manage multiple authentication methods. Such as swiping cards, scanning QR codes, and using ID cards. Additionally, it provides cloud-based and local authentication, allowing rapid access to campus employees. sakarya escort bayan

In the meantime, visitors and receptionists can request access through web pages and apps. Additionally, visitors may use multiple authentication methods. Such as swiping their credit cards or recognizing their license plates – to enter without waiting. sakarya escort

Automatic synchronization of visitor access permissions between access control and perimeter systems ensures an efficient authorization process.

Services provided by network engineers for campus security implementations

A network field service engineer who can design and build new networks, or upgrade existing ones, can pursue a challenging and financially rewarding career. In addition to the expansion of healthcare information, the industry has seen more jobs. In the future, engineers will have a bright future. It is all thanks to the growing reliance on connectivity by businesses, governments, and industries. Field Engineer provides freelancers and job seekers with easy access to the employment market. escort bayan

Are you struggling to keep up with the campus’ network security implementations? We monitor your campus networks so that you can focus on your core business. escort

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