Can Indian Education Benefit From Online Examinations?

Online examinations

Online examinations have been available in India for a while now. So far, it has only been used in corporate and government exams. In 2020 however, that finally changed with the education sector leaping into the online scene. The foray into online education ensured that the next viable step would lead to online exams. With feature-rich benefits, it’s a surprise that the Indian education sector took its time to follow through. Even so, there are concerns about the accuracy, security, and quality of online examinations. As an extension of online education, online exams can offer quite a few benefits to both administrations and students, as well as training programs. 

For educational institutions, stepping into conducting online exams can be a hassle. An online exam center booking company can step in instead. This will ensure that conducted exams are safe while no longer seeming daunting to the exam authorities. With an assessment company like that, an educational institute can avoid hassle while conducting exams effectively. With the help of an online assessment company, malpractices are easily avoided. Following are some of the benefits online examinations can offer:

Customizable Individualised Tests

An online exam can add a new dimension to the education system. With the presence of personalized online assessments, students can organically improve depending on their previous experience. This will encourage students to participate in education as learners, not treat it as a race. Instructors can reach out to students using online tools for video chatting to offer individual on-demand assessments.

Immediate Score Tallying

Scores of exams that utilize multiple-choice questions can be immediately tallied via online examination mode. Students can almost instantaneously see how they fared in their exams. Teachers can also make instructional changes in real-time based on the performance of students. Since excess time is not spent on checking the papers, teachers can focus on critical feedback. Being feature-filled and flexible, online instructors and online exams can assist students to improve their studies.

Differently Aligned Tests

Depending on the requirement, infrastructure usually allows different ways to approach online exams. Tests can be set to increasing difficulty based on the same knowledgebase so students can gradually improve. Tests can also be conducted in such a manner that students can compare themselves and learn to do better. The latter kind of tests is vital for selecting students for teaching posts, scholarships, etc.

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Traditionally tests have always been used as a means to measure performance. With the use of analytical software, modern online examinations can do more than perform tests. These analytics can help setting up term-end goals for students to improve themselves and track their growth over time.

Making Education Engaging

Engagement plays an important role in online examinations, especially if teachers want their students to learn. Other than including the usual means of online tests, implementing more engaging options can benefit learning. The flexibility of online examination software allows including quizzes, visual content, and branching scenarios for increased engagement. One of the benefits of holding online exams is the ability to customize the content whenever needed. This will help students to learn from their mistakes and improve in the future.

Suitable for Students with Disabilities

Pen and paper exams can pose barriers for people with different disabilities. Online exam software allows configuring the tests to provide ease of use for those with disabilities. Digital implements like magnification tools and text-to-speech for instance can help those with visual impairments. Students who simply need more time to complete the test won’t feel left out either.

Secure Examinations

One of the concerns usually cited in regards to online exams has been about cheating. Yet, with modern tools available, conducted online exams are safer, sometimes, even more so than the traditional exams. There is no shortage of security attached to online exams. With software that can lock down browser tabs, students are kept from cheating online. Even webcams are made mandatory to ensure authorized students are the only ones attending the exams. 


Online examinations offer a lot of benefits for the education sector to benefit from. With the power of analytics and benchmarking, the education system can improve significantly for students. Even then, due to circumstances, the traditional mode of exams will still be available for students. But the future of Indian education is sure to include online exams in some capability or the other. The time for better assessments is here.


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