August 10, 2022
mercusys router setup

I had purchased the Mercusys wireless router a year back on best black Friday deals and I do not regret it at all. We love cooking and I also own a cooking channel on YouTube. I still now remember vividly that last year when thanksgiving was around the corner and I needed to post three videos on how to cook green bean casserole. My internet connection was of no help and I needed a good router desperately. I had a low budget so my choices weren’t too many. After searching for reviews from the internet and taking advice from some of my friends, I decided to give the Mercusys router a try. Also, the black Friday sale was on, so I got the router at a much cheaper price.

Today I have my laptop, three mobile phones; a computer all connected to the router and it works just perfectly. Sometimes all the devices were also connected at the same time, but nothing changed to the speed of the internet and it worked well. My overall experience with the router has been very well. The router does its job without any hassle. The price is also affordable so anyone thinking to get a good router, for their home at an affordable price can lay their hands on the Mercusys router without any second thought.

Setting up my Mercusys Router

The mercusys router setup was pretty basic and was carried out smoothly. Mercusys has done great work with the easiness of setting their router up. A manual comes along with the router that has all the steps listed for you to set up your Mercusys router. It is written in clear language, easy for anyone to follow the steps. However, you need to make sure that your internet service provided by your internet service provider (ISP) is available and gets the internet information prepared.

You will need your Username and Password, the ones that were given to you by your internet service provider (ISP) when you had first signed up with them. You also need to verify that the Power, ADSL, and Wi-Fi LEDs are switched on once you are done connecting the hardware. Then you need to get your computer connected to the modem router wirelessly. The default SSID (Network Name) is on the modem router’s label. Then in the address bar of your web browser, you need to enter or and follow the steps for the mercusys router setup. You need to use “admin” for both username and password, and then click Login.

Setting up my Mercusys Extender

After seeing the amazing work that the Mercusys router is providing me with, I decided to invest in the mercusys repeater as well. I had great expectations from the extender as well, and I must take a moment and thank Mercusys to stand up to my expectations. This is an awesome product and in my one year of using this, it has shown no hassle. Earlier while in some distant corners of my house such as in the basement or the attic I had only one bar of the Wi-Fi signal, while now with this Mercusys extender, I have a full Wi-Fi signal at every corner of the house. It provides a hundred percent signal in all the dead-spots and I am baffled that I could get such an amazing product at such a reasonable price.

It boosts the wireless signal of the router and it has got a multicolor LED that helps you to find out the right location to deliver the best Wi-Fi extension. Same as the mercusys router, the extender comes with a handy manual that has clear instructions on how to install/setup the device. Firstly you need to connect your computer or your Smartphone to the extender’s network. The default SSID (Network name) shall be printed on the back of the extender. You are advised to unplug the Ethernet cable if you are using a computer.

Quick Setup Wizard

You can follow the instructions of the Quick Setup Wizard to connect the extender to your router. Similarly to the mercusys router, to set up the extender you need to enter in the address bar of your web browser and then follow the steps accordingly for the Mercusys extender setup. Then you have to create a password of your convenience. Or you can simply click on mercusys and then follow the steps as per the manual for setting up your Mercusys extender. For other information connect with us on

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