Cyber Security Essentials Every Employee Needs to Know About

Cyber Security

Making sure you are safe and secure in the online world is a very important aspect you need to be aware of. This holds even more true in the professional world of corporates and businesses. If you are an employee, you know that you need to ensure the security of the company’s information is kept on a pedestal. To do this, you need to make sure you are making use of safe and secure practices when using the internet. Here are a few essentials you need to know about to ensure you are safe in the cyber world.

Stay away from pop-ups, links, and unknown emails

You need to pay attention to phishing as phishers trick you into clicking on links. These links or pop-up windows come with malware and viruses embedded in them. This is why it is best that you steer clear from links and attachments from senders you do not know of. After all, a single click is all that is needed for hackers to get into the network of your computer.

  • Do not put in company or personal information if a pop-up webpage or email you don’t recognize asks you to do so.
  • Your organization can go in for email authentication technology which automatically blocks suspicious emails.

Above all, just be cautious and use your common sense when clicking unknown links and opening emails from known people.

Only connect to secure Wi-Fi

Another element you will know when understanding cyber security training is secure Wi-Fi connectivity. Your office Wi-Fi network needs to be encrypted, hidden, and secure. If you are working remotely, you can safeguard data through the help of a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Refrain from using public Wi-Fi networks as they can be risky and leave your data vulnerable.

Make certain your password and authentication is not weak

You can prevent the most experienced hackers from accessing company information by making use of complex and strong passwords. If a cybercriminal gets to know your password, they can obtain access to the network of your company. Know that a potent password comprises of at least 10 characters. You also need to include symbols, numbers as well as capital and lowercase letters to the mix. It is also important that you change your passwords every now and then. You may also need multi-factor authentication when attempting to access sensitive network areas.

Ensure you have firewall protection

You also need to make certain that you have a firewall for the company network as well as your home network. It acts as the primary line of defence in ensuring your data is protected against cyberattacks. With a powerful firewall, you prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to your websites, mail services as well as other sources of information that can be accessed through the internet. Other than your company’s firewall, you also need to install one for your home network. This is particularly true if you work from home. You can check with your company if they possess a firewall software.

Above all, it is important that you invest in superior quality security systems. It is also important to let your IT professional know immediately in case you identify anything suspicious with your security issues. Remember it is important to act on the issue quickly so that things do not go out of hand. So there you go. When dealing with cyber security, you need to pay attention to these elements if you want to make sure that your company as well as home network is safe and free from any kind of malicious attack. Always be in the know about the various IT software updates that come up from time to time. In this way, you are well informed and can accordingly steer clear from falling for potential traps.