May 20, 2022

In contrast to the free version, the premium version naturally costs money. In return, however, you get a nice package of features. But if you look, you will find. So you can also name a few disadvantages with this SEO plugin, but they border on “complaining at a high level”.

Some functions of the premium variant should be used with caution. If you are not familiar with SEO measures and simply accept all suggestions for internal linking, readers quickly end up in a click circle.

Optimizing a text for several keywords is feasible without prior knowledge, but not always useful. In order for it to be really optimized, you have to know, for example, that the keywords are very similar and should cover the same search intention.

An SEO consultancy firm uses an effective strategy to optimize its website, which allows you to gain an edge over your competitors, who are not that much serious

Google can now see very well that online marketing, online marketing and online marketing are the same keyword. The Yoast SEO plugin cannot do this. In the traffic light evaluation, meta description and title in the snippet only find exact matches.

In particular, the semantic readability feature with Flesh Reading Ease Score does not always work properly in languages ​​other than English. The content analysis feature in the premium version is also not available in all languages.


For example, if you change the “Meta description” field, the snippet in the index is still the old one and different from the preview. It happens that the snippet displayed under your article does not match the Google one. That might be surprising, but it doesn’t matter. Your SEO measures will still show up in search results over time. The social snippets also sometimes look a little different than in the preview. For example, less text is used for the title or Facebook / Twitter posts show more of the URL.

The Yoast plugin itself does not actively search for duplicate content. This means that if you write a glossary with a lot of short texts, the tool will recognize them as not optimized and make suggestions for improvement. Among other things, that it should be more than 300 words. You want to keep this page as short as possible.

That’s why we recommend the Yoast SEO plugin

Even the free version offers extensive functions to fundamentally optimize your site. The Yoast SEO plugin is simple to use and easy to understand. It also prevents one of the greatest risks of good content: duplicate content.

It is also the best known among the SEO tools. It has over 40 million downloads, is stable, and is helpful. The installation is not only available for WordPress but also for Magento 2, TYPO3 and Drupal. However, WordPress is still the market leader among CMS with a 60 percent market share.
A special gimmick of the Yoast SEO plugin is the traffic light.  Not only is this pretty and easy to understand, but it can be a real motivational factor. If you edit the meta-data for the preview of a snippet and slowly see how the traffic light changes from red to yellow to green, this immediately stimulates the internal reward system.


All in all, Yoast SEO is a nice tool to start with online marketing and very helpful for onpage optimization. Or if you just want personal support. If you have basically exhausted all SEO measures with the tool, optimized every field and your page still does not rank as you would like it to, then you should consider the human factor. Have an SEO expert look over your site. Because often a page with an infographic simply ranks better or has a better conversion because you use more than one content type on a page. The Yoast SEO plugin doesn’t tell you that yet.

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