DhamaKedar Diwali with Oye gifts- your perfect partner in the festive season

diwali gifts

Diwali the most awaited festival in our country is welcomed in October or November depending upon the cycle of the moon. It is celebrated to honour Lord Rama Chandra (the incarnation of the god Vishnu I.e. the seventh avatar) returning from his 14years exile along with the Goddess Sita and younger brother Laxman to their family and people. He fought and won a battle against the demon named Ravana and his army to bring the goddess back from their clutch.

Diwali -the festival of lights and happiness brings joy to each one in enormous ways. Busting of firecrackers, worshipping Goddess Laxmi, wearing of new clothes, shoving varieties of sweets, decorating homes, offices, shops and exchanging gifts with friends and families and the air full of laughter and smiles.

The festival embraces each heart without any differences and holds a special place in every once heart. The festival of joy, laughter, delicacies and a warm welcome to close one. The flamboyant flames of candles or divas catch the eye of many and add little more colour in the day.

When it comes to Diwali gift,something heart touching to be given tothe near and dear one in the auspicious day at the time of greeting. Oye gifts are the perfect partnerto charge the mood with more excitement and enthusiasm. Arranging gifts sometimes becomes a difficult task as one have to choose from n-number of the store collections at affordable prices. Diwali gifts fromthe online store helpto choose the best suitable gifts in a single click.

Desired Diwali gifts are delivered within two to three hours on the same day without delay with the perfect range. Diwali and gifts are the best combos to spread happiness among friends, families and other co-helpers.

Here, we have some Diwali gifts for friends, families, employees, office staff and co-helpers. A small gesture of gratitude in terms of gifts will make them feel happy and excited about the festival.

  • sweets and dry fruits –

No matter what’s the occasion or events is all about gifting sweets and dry fruits are always the best trend to shower your love and care to the known one. Either one can be given a box of multiple sweets or dry fruits or just of one kind for their good health. Sweets and dry fruits are never out of style or trend to celebrate the festivals.

  • Ethnic Attire-

Festivals is all about wearing ethnic dresses which represents the culture. Different tradition has different attire for different festivals. Apart from this one can gift their male friends or employees with wallet, shoes, brooch, tie, kurtas and for female friends or worker one can gift jewellery, earrings, footwear, watch, makeup kits and many more.

  • Statues and frames-

Prayer is the significance of the festivals. We celebrate to pray for good health and prosperous earning to the lord. One can give the statues or photo frame of idols of Lord Ganesha or Goddess Laxmi or laughing Buddha which will give the positive vibes both at home and the mind of the giver and the receiver. It adds beauty to the festive season.

  • Home décor-

The place becomes more attractive or gives the festive vibes when decorated with candles,  balloons, divas, multiple lights or flower bouquets or vase, antique or plants for balcony gardening.

  • Case gifts-

For co-worker or the one who gives helping hand at home can be given money to them so that they can pay school fees or other basic requirements of their children or purchase clothes of their choice or gets sweets of their desire. This can be the best way to spread smiles and happiness in their faces.

  • Table necessities-

Gifting desk essentials to colleagues or employees will upgrade their desk look and the impressive impact in the viewer. They will get more of work vibes to work with more passion while seating in their chair in the office. One can give nameplate or key rings or paperweights with their name punched on it to make them more of themselves while working.

  •  Medical care-

In the pandemic situations giving the mask or sanitizer to the one who does not follow the government guidelines or is not taking the situation seriously will be more helpful to stop the spreading of the virus. And to provide awareness among people to take proper care and precautions and other medical help who cannot afford the cost of this to be cured.

This Diwali rather than serving tea or coffee or any other drinks to the guest, serve the guests with healthy and nutritious juices to fight against the virus to stay safe and healthy and to have a prosperous life of both the guest and the one who attains them.

The Diwali gifts make the people happier and surround them with more joy and positivity.