August 10, 2022
CEH Training in Dubai

In this age where today’s technology is used, almost everyone knows more or less the answers to questions such as “what is hack”, what is a hacker. But not many people know what the people who are interested in this field are actually doing, what programs and software they use while working.

Nowadays, everyone has a computer or a phone connected to the internet. Most of us do not know enough about the safety of these technological devices. With the introduction of technology into human life, many innovations came with it. But the old generations started to tell the new generation some stories such as “If there was YouTube in our time.” Yes, words are really inadequate nowadays to describe the dizzying development of technology.

Ignition for Hacking

Of course, the biggest impact in this change was our youth, who were again caught up in the demands of popular culture. In these days, which we witnessed to change rapidly, action-adventure films and detective films are among the legends of many of us. With the “Robot” directory, the signals that many things will change in digital life for the last 3-4 years have already been given.

The new form people have taken to the changes experienced with a little surprise and a little anxiety by affecting the daily life of almost everyone from the digital world’s addicts to passive users is thought-provoking … So much so that with the success of the attack on the computers and phones we use, we can lose all our assets and sink into our throat. The same is true for small, medium and large companies. Millions of dollars can be lost within seconds with an attack by hackers on the computer networks of these companies. All of these groups have perhaps the most talented hackers in the world, and they can be on the agenda in the world with their actions or attacks.

Who Is A Hacker Called?

Nowadays, when it comes to “Hackers”, everybody usually thinks of destructive, malicious hackers. But “goose foot” is not like that. Because let’s prove that this concept, which is formed in the minds of most people who have a little exposure to the internet with their computers, is not true.

Among the most harmless and most productive hacker groups are the white hat hackers with CEH Training in Dubai. Like other hackers, hackers with white hats are people who have the knowledge and skills to capture any system, network and computer in seconds. However, white hat hackers find all the vulnerabilities they see in the system they enter and inform the company or person who developed that software in detail, one by one, before announcing it to the public. He tells him to shut down his system to fix any vulnerability he finds. These people then announce the details of this vulnerability in various newsgroups and websites in order to inform the public. Today, these people are also called “Ethical Hackers”. White hat hackers with CEH training in Abu Dhabi always make sure they stay on the defensive of vulnerable systems.

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