Easiness in Work Load with the Rockspace Wi-Fi Extender

I am a news reporter who needs to work and gather news reports on every mysterious happening around the globe such as the metallic monolith in Utah that just got vanished as mysteriously as it had appeared. The most important thing required by me is a good internet connection. The place where I live is still in lockdown, so I can rarely go visit from one place to another for gathering information. My only hope and help right now is the internet. I had no complaints with my Wi-Fi router as it did its job pretty well. However, I had many dead spots all around my house and I had already tried changing my Wi-Fi but it was not at all fruitful. Finally, I decided to get an extender and after surfing the internet for a while and reading out some reviews, I went for the Rockspace extender.

I was worried that it too shall not be of any use but I was completely wrong. Though this Rockspace range extender is small and unobtrusive, it will surely help you by filling your home with wireless data. The Rockspace Wi-Fi range extender is jet black in color and its Ethernet port is the reason why it can operate as a traditional wireless extender or as a wired access point.

Rockspace Information

On its sides, the Rock Space device has cooling holes that prevent it from getting hot during continuous use. Below, there’s a recessed reset key. If you are someone who is looking for a small and simple Wi-Fi extender, that does not require too much care and is budget-friendly, then the Rockspace extender is surely the one you are searching for. It also comes with a one-year warranty and service, so you do not have to worry much about it.


The Rockspace claims that one can set up the Wi-Fi router within 8 seconds. Well, that might be the case if you are super fast and technology-oriented, but I needed not more than five minutes to set it up. So the rockspace extender setup was surely not painful and was handled easily. You can either go for the wireless protected setup method or the extender manual setup method. You need to keep your extender near your home router. Then you need to plug your wireless range extender into an electric power socket so that it receives the proper power supply.

Make sure that you place your Rocketspace Wi-Fi range device the halfway between your home Wi-Fi router signals. The dead network spots then try to connect your computer or laptop to the extended network. You shall be done with the setup of the rockspace  extender. You can also enter the default re.rockspace.local login credentials. Then you need to hit on the ‘Sign In’ or ‘Log in’ button. There You could also type http://re.rockspace.local and then login with your login credentials such as your username and your password. You are advised to change the default username and password as per your choice and once done. You have to hit the ‘Save’ button to apply the final changes.

After that, you need to unplug the extender and place it in a new location. Now, try to connect your computer or laptop to the extended network. You could also visit their website for further information and help. The Rockspace extender has its default name as rockspace_ext and the default access address for setup purpose is re.rockspace.local.


Sometimes, the device may perform abnormal operations. In those times one has to visit the rockspace Wi-Fi extender website http://re.rockspace.local or Then use the updated software to resolve the particular problem. To configure and connecting the re.rockspace.local Wi-Fi extender to a device, you have to follow the rockspace extender setup instructions as provided on http //re.rockspace.local website. It is promised on the website that you can troubleshoot within two minutes and I must agree to that. Rock Space also has technicians standing by to help you when required. The Rockspace has a lot of troubleshooting help available for you just a call away.

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