August 12, 2022
embroidery custom patches

At the time, people plan to order embroidery custom patches; they have so many questions in mind. The advice is never felt hesitant to ask those questions, as it is your right. The company is bound to ask to answer those questions. The company that fails to provide a satisfying answer, not able to impress customers. It is when customers prefer to look for some other company. sakarya escort

The questions every customer normally asks are followed along with the answers.

What Actually Embroidery Patches Are?

There are many who don’t know much about the embroidery patches. It is a piece of art that is made by using a machine. The material used to make these patches are twill, cotton, and threads of multiple colors. These are the patches used as a logo or to convey a message. Mainly these patches are used by the military. They place these patches on the uniform, which define different rankings. Nowadays, clothing brands use them too. Also, there are multiple ways to apply those patches, like iron-on or Velcro, and even sew-on.

How Many Color Options You Get?

Now many may think that they might not get many color options. There was no limitation at all when the time came to pick colors. You can go with any color and as many colors on one patch. The company’s charges may differ here. There are companies that charge more when the color increase from 9, but few keep the rates the same. izmit escort

What Options Do You Get for the Background?

Even for the background, you get multiple options. You can ask the company to match the color of your liking. Or you can also go with the Pantone color. If you don’t have an idea about all this, take professional help. They will guide you better and made the best choice for you according to the need.

For Embroidery Patches, What Backings Are Available?

As, you learn about the backing a bit above too, but here is everything in more detail.

  • You can go with the no backing that is mainly known and sew-on. You can sew the backing with the help of a machine, or you can sew it with the hand too.
  • The next type is iron-on backing. It is easy to apply, as you only need to iron the patch on the cloth. It takes only a few seconds of yours.
  • The most famous backing is Velcro. It is a backing that is easiest to apply on any cloth. It is just like a sticker; peel off the protective layer, and you are good to go.

Will Colors Will Fade, and the Edges Wear and Tear?

Once you get any product, you want to last it for a long time. Similar is the case when you get customized embroidery patches. The reliable and reputed companies test the patches a lot of time. They make sure they stay the same until unless you get tired of the patch. Also, you don’t have to worry that the color will fade after a few washes, as the quality is top-notch. izmir escort

embroidery custom patches

Why Iron-on Patches Are the Best Option?

Someone might suggest you go with iron-on patches, and you think why it is better? The reasons are many. People avoid getting this backing, as it cost a bit more. Keep in mind that sew-on backing will cost you the same, as later you have to hire someone to the job for you. Contrary to that, with iron-on backing, you don’t have to hire anyone. The job is simple, and you can manage on your own. If you want to later, you sew-on the patch too. In short, you get multiple options with one backing, sakarya escort

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