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A pizza box usually made of cardboard is used to store or deliver pizza. These pizza boxes are available in different sizes and shapes. Pizzas nowadays are great in demand, and everyone wants to eat this delicious and mouthwatering food item. If you’re going to start Pizzas’ business, you will definitely it is a big deal. Please stick with us until the end to know valuable information about pizza and its packaging.

Know More about Pizzas 

There are different types of pizzas available in the market, including Pepperoni Pizza, Hawaiian Pizza, Margherita Pizza, Cheese Pizza, BBQ Chicken Pizza, Veggie Pizza, Meat Pizza, Supreme Pizza, and much more. Pepperoni is the most popular type of pizza. Each pizza type has its own taste and recipe.

The demand for pizza has risen in the last two years, especially in China and America. According to research, almost three billion pizzas are sold each year in the United States. It means annually each American eats 24lb or 46 slices of Pizza.

How are Pizza Boxes assembled?

Pizza boxes nowadays are made with corrugated cardboard material that is renowned for its trustworthiness and durability. This high-quality material helps prevent moistness and offers extra protection. This cardboard material is 100% recyclable and biodegradable, which means this material doesn’t have harmful effects on the environment. Moreover, the process of making cardboard pizza boxes consumers 50% less electricity and 90% less water. It can decrease, recycle, and reuse multiple times. These specialties make cardboard material best for pizza packaging.

Cheap Custom Pizza Boxes

The implication of High-Quality Pizza Boxes 

The role of pizza packaging boxes in the sale of any pizza can’t be denied. Not only pizza, but every food item is also known for its unique packaging design. Most people look for pizza boxes that are supreme in quality and offer maximum protection to pizza.

Here are some critical aspects related to the importance of Pizza Boxes

– Increase Brand Awareness

Pizza packaging boxes can be the right way to increase pizza brand awareness. Having solid brand awareness for any company is essential for winning customers’ confidence and loyalty. Research also shows that more than 78% of people purchase products from the brand they know already, and 42% look for authoritative brands. As you understand, a product is known by the packaging style, so give proper time to finalize your pizza brand’s packaging.

– Customized Pizza Boxes

If you want to introduce your pizza brand innovatively in the market, then customization is an excellent choice for you. Pizza boxes customization lets owners select the design, shape, color pattern, and dimensions of the box according to the product’s need. There are diverse pizza boxes, including 9 inches, 12 inches, 14 inches, 16 inches, and vary sometimes. You can order custom pizza boxes that are supreme in quality.

– Branding & Marketing

Pizza packaging boxes are becoming a great tool in branding and marketing of a pizza brand. There are printed pizza boxes available in the market which are printed with the brand’s logo and name. Special sales tagline and short product descriptions are also printed on these boxes to enhance brand awareness. Your pizza company’s outstanding logo capture grabs customers’ attention and leaves an image of your brand in customers’ minds.

Pizza Boxes Wholesale Manufacturers

– Pizza Boxes Wholesale Purchase

If you buy pizza boxes in bulk quantity, then you will get a special discounted price for each item. If you want to live in this business for a long time, consider pizza boxes wholesale. In this way, you can save some amount of money that you can spend on other sources.

Do You Want Top-notch Quality Pizza Boxes? Come to Custom Box Makers

In this highly competitive food business environment, every brand is struggling to offer top quality food services to build its brand presence. Although quality and taste matter in the food business, a brand is known for its unique packaging. So, choosing the right custom pizza boxes manufacturing company is essential for your brand and save some money.

Custom Box Makers, also known as CBM, aims to supply customer-oriented packaging solutions for all business types. We at Custom Box Makers have a team of pizza packaging experts who are always available to guide you through the packaging process.