Essentials to Know About Crew Socks

Crew Socks For Men

While many people know that socks are the clothing accessories that go underneath shoes, nothing more is known about it. More so, of its various types and kinds. One such kind is known as crew socks. All you men out there this is one kind of socks you should not ignore. Whether you are going for a date or have a work commitment, these socks can cleverly and stylishly work into your outfit and make a style statement. Here is everything you need to know about these socks-

What exactly are crew socks?

Crew socks cover the feet and extend to the mid-calf region of the lower leg. These socks come with a cushioned heel and sole and have a stretchy top. While it is usually made from cotton, you can find it in an extensive variety of materials. One thing you have to know about crew socks is that they usually reach the middle of the calf. The top portion of these socks has some type of elastic. This makes them stretchy and helps to keep them intact. The bottom is soft and smooth. You may also find additional padding near the toes and heels. This offers comfort and even absorbs sweat. This makes sure your feet are dry and warm which proves to be a blessing during hot weather.

Basics to know about these socks

You need to know that crew socks are very different from ankle socks although many people often confuse the two. These are some of the things you need to know about them.

  • Crew socks are more about functionality and usually go higher than ankle socks.
  • These socks are generally worn around the mid-calf although you can wear these socks cuffed at the top or pulled all the way up.
  • You can find these socks in an array of textures, colors and they come with specific ‘ribs’ that ensure the socks stay put on your leg in a better way.

These are some of the basics you need to know about these socks.

The material used for this sock

You can find crew socks in an array of materials. This includes polyester, cotton, microfiber, nylon, wool, and even spandex. You can find these socks made even from a combination of these materials. You can use these socks for your daily use or if you are looking to pair it with your work shoes or work boots. For those who indulge in sports regularly, you can use these socks that also come specifically designed to ensure your feet are cool and sweat is reduced.

The colors you can find them in

While when people think of socks, the first thing that comes to your mind is white. However, there are socks that are available in every color of the rainbow, and donning them the right way ensures you do not look like a fool. Some of the most popular socks are of subtle color variations. This includes delicate color variations such as accent colors on the toes, rim, and heels. You can also find crew socks in dress colors. These include brown as well as black.

Looking after your crew socks

When washing them, you can put your crew socks along with your laundry into the washing machine. Make sure you use a mild detergent for the cleaning process. Also, make certain that you separate the colored socks from the white socks during the wash process. The socks that are of the athletic kind can be normally dried in a clothes dryer without worrying about shrinking. You can also hang them on a clothesline or rack to ensure they dry up in the best way possible.

So whether you are looking for matching crew socks for men for a wedding party or want socks that blend with your daily work attire, you can rely on crew socks to offer you the best of all worlds. In this way, you can have fun and feel comfortable while you do so.