August 10, 2022
event security specialist

event security specialist

When you hire event security specialist, it demands more than just deploying them at a particular event. When you hire security personnel, it requires extensive and detailed coordination and communication. By explaining your expectations, you are ensuring the safety of your guests and staff. Further, you avert the incidences from happening that can cause damage to your property and venue.

Day-of security  

The reason why we put emphasis on the importance of security at the events is because it provides protection against:

An injury to a guest

Damage to property

Crowd control

Nuisance guests

Unexpected situations

That is why it is essential that you have your security strategy planned properly. Also, the type of security you need depends on the size, scope, event type, and scope of the event.

1. Know the event venue inside and out

All the venues have weak points. Sometimes it refers to as porous, which means providing ways that can get someone inside without using the entry points. It can be a staff back door or a window that opens from the outside. Specific the security guards all entry points and make sure the security guard is aware of them. It is an easy and effective way to make the venue secure and safe. If the event is outdoors, establish strict boundaries from where the perimeter begins and ends. You can ask them to have temporary fencing and barricades. 

2. Identify attendee risk

You need to answer this specific question: do the risk of attendees or guests can pose a threat? It is impossible for you to have a background check of every attendee. But you still need to identify the potential risks. For instance, if the company organizing the event holds a controversial history, it increases the likelihood of protests and individuals to cause disruptions during the scene. Be aware of the guests who can, but tickets in bulk as these can be protestors buying tickets for its fellows.


3. Manage the crowd by event security specialist

The bigger the crowd, there is a high probability of something can go wrong. The security personnel needs to be a specialist in managing large groups and exercising authority when required. The security personnel is needed to perform such tasks as:

Politely requesting the guest to move away if they are jamming the exit.

Keep the line organized and managed and prevent the people from cutting the lines.

Make sure that the guests don’t wander into those areas that are reserved for VIP or staff.

Ensure that the crowd in the venue doesn’t exceed the capacity limit. The security personnel counts all the staff while keeping track of the total numbers. Exceeding the limit can result in fines from the security administrator. 

4. Analyze the potential risks for big attacks with event security specialist

We don’t feel pleased about discussing such stuff, but we have to face reality. Events that consist of big crowds are an easy and soft target for such attacks. So armed security guard is recommended for such events. The deployed personnel will check all the bags of the guests to look for suspicious items like weapons or items that can be improvised as weapons. 

Announce and make it clear ahead of the event that all personal bags will get inspected to assure guests safety. You need to include the list of prohibited items as well that are not allowed. This means all weapons and certain harmful chemicals. Apart from bag checks and body scanners, the security personnel should also be vigilant for suspicious behavior. Examples of such type of suspicious behaviors are:

Constantly on the lookout for staff

Lack of engagement in event activities

Surveilling the venue layout

Monitoring for any suspicious activity should take place inside and out of the venue. It is because generally, bags are not checked until the entry, so the instigators may find the opportunity right outside the venue to do something where attendees gather to register.

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