August 11, 2022

Whether you appreciate the earthy sweetness of a Maduro with a huge ring gauge or the lighter, spicier notes of a Claro with a jade wrapper, there are a few basic cigar accessories that you will need to properly enjoy a smoke.

Preferences don’t matter here, and every cigar smoker out there will need at least one of these three critical accessories. Keep in mind, however, that these are the absolute bare minimum in accessories, and there are many others that you might need as you become more proficient or more tuned in to your interests and preferences.

A Punch or Cigar Cutter

Every cigar smoker needs a punch or a cutter or you just can’t smoke a cigar in the first place. You might even be able to successfully argue that your punch or cutter is more crucial than the lighter since you can’t even smoke an uncut or unpunched cigar.

A cutter will take a piece off of the end of a cigar whereas a punch will remove a small plug of tobacco from the end. The punch will give you a very smooth, very open draw through the body of the cigar, but at the same time, some cigar shapes are better suited to the use of a punch. Cigars that terminate at points, like Pyramid cigars, can be cut more easily than punched.

A Cigar Lighter

After a punch or a cutter, you will need a lighter. Some smokers use lighters that take liquid fuels, whereas others are adamant about using gas lighters like butane lighters. On the one hand, butane burns more cleanly and will impart almost no flavor into the tobacco, and some butane lighters can even be made windproof.

At the same time, some purists would refuse to use a lighter at all and would instead use wooden matches or a cedar sleeve. Woods like these will not sour the tobacco at all and in fact, may even impart pleasant notes to the smoke.

A Cigar Ashtray

Once you’ve cut and light your cigar, you will probably need a place to drop the excess ashes. If you are smoking inside, you will need a receptacle for them, which brings up the need for an ashtray. You can get something small and simple or you can get a big, deep ashtray that traps odors and has stirrups where you can rest the cigar. That is up to you and the preferences of your guests.

Additional Considerations

These are the most critical cigar accessories, but depending on your home and your tastes, there are other things that you might need. For example, if you smoke a lot or keep a lot of cigars in your home, then a cigar humidor is necessary to preserve and age them. If you travel frequently, then you might have a good use for a cigar case to protect your cigars or a travel humidor while you are traveling which can be found on the Atlantic Cigar cigar accessories section.

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