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Explore the Famous Landmarks of Brussels with Qatar Airways

Brussels, the unusual and calm capital of Belgium and the administrative center of the European Union, offers a special Belgian experience without tourist hype. Magnificent facades, magnificent cathedrals, several amazing and strange museums, a unique and impressive Atomium and delicious Belgian sweets – there are many places in Brussels waiting for your presence. So, if you are on vacation, this wonderful little town with great surprises and a glorious history will delight you.

In addition to amazing places, monuments, museums and parks, Brussels is a gastronomic superstar. From crispy fries made from paper cones, to loaded Belgian waffles, to world-famous Belgian beers, Brussels has no shortage of convenient food to try. If you are interested in exploring the landmarks of Brussels, you can do so by booking Qatar Airways flights to reach here.

1.    Grand Palace

Growing up with its history, magnificent architecture and magnificent flower carpet (twice a year), the magnificent city center is one of the best places to feel the atmosphere of the city in Brussels. Probably the largest and most beautiful square in Europe, the magnificent Gildehuizen (guild houses) in Brussels is one of the best places to have a drink, choose a tour or just relax and feel the pulse of this vibrant city. Sophisticated masonry, impressive gold trim, baroque hooks and richly decorated historic buildings around the building showcase striking architecture that gives the Great Space unprecedented grandeur and elegance. Three times a week, you can take a walk to breathe in the aroma of the local flower market and enjoy the surreal beauty when night shines.

2.    Comic Strip Center

Watch with admiration for family cartoons that make your child laugh and fill his heart with joy. Designed by chief architect Victor Hortan, this magnificent 19th-century building offers a walk through the city of 3D Smurf, a visit to the moon of Captain Haddock’s rocket and a walk through the Lucky Luke lounge. With the help of sections on Tintin, Asterix, Smurfs, and many other Belgian and French comics, you can better understand the magical world of your favorite characters. A detailed story about comics and a journey to the modern graphic form of the novel are interesting.

3.    Mont De Arts

Mont Des Arts

A charming little hill with 10 museums and an unrivaled atmosphere, this is without a doubt one of the best places to visit in Brussels to experience the best of this charming city. You can just sit here and enjoy street performances, take a walk in some of the sights (the Magritte Museum of Art Lovers, the Musical Instrument Museum, among others) or enjoy panoramic city views. Sunset is a good time to see some of the city’s postcards, and then see the show that shines at night.

4.    Atomium

Originally created for the World Exhibition in Brussels in 1958, the Atomium has become an important part of the city. Massive iron spheres are designed to display the composition of the iron crystal, and the entire structure has a height of 102 meters.

Famous Landmarks of Brussels

The sign, designed by engineer Andre Waterkain, symbolizes the importance of science. Entrance to Atomium costs 12 euros and you can visit all but three areas. Inside there is an exhibition that changes from year to year. On the top floor there is a wonderful restaurant where your aunt has indoor venues for various events in Brussels.

5.    The Royal Palace of Brussels

The Royal Palace in Brussels was the home of the royal family, but now the Royal Palace in Laken is located on the outskirts of the city. However, the king of Belgium still used the Brussels Palace as his place, which makes it a very important building for the city and country. The palace is open to the public only in summer. In July and August you can enter the palace for free from 10:30 in the morning to 5 pm in the evening. If you want to stay here longer, you can rest in one of the nearby cheap hotels.

6.    Bois de la Cambre Park

Park Bois de la Cambre, located south of the city center, is a public green area where you can relax from the bustling city. The park borders the Sonian Forest and covers an area of ​​more than 100 hectares. You can come here for a day to explore the forest and its hiking trails, take a walk on the lawn with local families or take a short boat ride on the lake.

On weekends, the park is closed to cars, which makes it a great place for cycling, jogging or ice skating without thinking about car traffic. It is also completely free to visit!


Exploring the famous places in Brussels will certainly add to your lively travel experience. You can go to faremakers dot com in order to book the flight for Brussels at low rates.


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