August 10, 2022

As you walk down the lane, as kids owning a pair of shoes only meant those black and white pairs we wore to school. Cut to ten-fifteen years, today as working professionals or young college students, we all have a versatile collection of sandals, heels, or shoes to wear on different occasions.

Styling shoes with different fashion hacks

They say the first impression someone has of you is the type of shoes you wear as the eyes go down on the feet first. And if you are showing up for work or any important meet and greet, make sure you spend a fortune on the shoes you wear to create a good impression. Usually, shoes can be worn on any occasion especially for men but there are numerous creative hacks to make a dull shoe look attractive by lacing it differently.

The never-ending trend of Straight laced shoes 

To give your shoes a new life, you can pair them with matching laces that come in different colors and textures. Let’s say if you dress up formally to work, then owning a branded straight lacing shoe is a must for men. You can pick any subtle color like brown or dark chocolate color and pair with dark shade trousers and check shirts. Straight lacing shoes are a universal favorite of almost every guy and are a must-have for those who love having a collection.

Life-saving fashion hacks for straight lace shoes 

  • The white sneakers that you pick for a date night or the sports shoes you carry to show up at the gym after work, straight laces complement every type of shoes.
  • If you are someone who loves to keep it simple and classy then straight-laced shoes are to be picked without having any type of second thoughts.
  • To style the straight-laced shoes, you can create your design too. If you want to insert the laces in the holes vertically, horizontally, or zigzag, it’s all up to you.
  • To give your shoes a change, you can buy spare straight laces and keep experimenting once you are bored with one.

Steps to lace-up shoes with straight laces  

  • To lace up the shoes, detangle the lace and now take your shoes and pick two holes from both the corners.
  • Now select one hole each from both sides and start from inserting in one hole.
  • Now stretch the lace to one end and make sure to keep the ends even.
  • Taking the other end of the lace, drag it down to insert in the second hole and repeat the process.
  • Repeat the process in an aligned manner for the second set of holes, third, and so on till you don’t reach the end.
  • And once done, you can use the left out part to tie in a bow-shaped and make sure to give two or three knots so that it does not get loose.
  • And that’s how with the help of some very basic hacks, you can fill life in a dull pair of shoes and keep your feet happy.

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