July 2, 2022
Business Ideas

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Wanting to start a business can be overwhelming. One is not only challenged to invest money but also put in the time and take big risks to ensure a smooth operation of the business. However, with little research and planning, one can start small businesses efficiently with less investment. Below mentioned are a few small business ideas.


Many small business owners have limited resources. Therefore, most businesses do not store goods onsite. Another growing market is the eCommerce stores. Thus, it is a great opportunity to make some bucks via shipping goods from the starting point to the end customers.

Pet Sitting

This is more of a side job along with your present offline job. Usually, most families own pets, and when they are away on vacations or long office hours- you can be their help. Looking after and taking proper care of their pets can earn you some easy money. And, if you work remotely, or are a freelancer, you can do both the jobs at the same time.


If you are skilled, experienced and passionate about a certain topic or in a certain field, then you can leverage your expertise and begin a coaching business of your own. Later on, once the business expands and grows, you can hire consultants to work under you. Below mentioned are a few fields/subjects that have a great scope for consultancy.
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Business Ideas
Image Source: Pexels



Common consultancy topics are business start-ups, financial advice, market opportunities, business sustainability, and small business loans Australia has many successful companies that do this. Hence, many Australian consultants also offer online consultancy for entrepreneurs all across the globe.

Marketing And Social Media

In today’s time, social media platforms and marketing play a vast role in the business. Offering digital marketing and virtual assistant consultancy is a large area to grow.

Relationship Management

The post-pandemic period has emotionally affected many individuals, especially those who lost their beloved ones to the Covid-19 disease. Offering consultancy is a wonderful help to help them cope with the current situation. Apart from that, there are several other related issues and traumas faced by individuals all around the world. For example, divorce, marriage, child custody, domestic violence, and much more.

Online Resale Business

One could carry out this business in several ways, by reselling the goods, and someday, converting this side hustle business to a full-time business. Though this business idea requires time and patience, it has good profit margins. Here are a few examples to launch this business-

  • You can begin by reselling unwanted goods and clothes online.
  • Over time- you can launch your own website and create a platform for other sellers to resale their items.
  • Another option is that you can begin purchasing goods at a sale price or in bulk buying at a lower cost- and resell them to customers with an added value.

Online Tutoring

Especially after the pandemic, online learning has seen a spike. Indeed, this is a great opportunity to share your knowledge and earn. Besides that, it is also a great way to reach a larger group of students. Furthermore, you can also explore and expands your tuition to students in foreign countries and teach them the English Language.

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