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Health technologies that revolutionised the way we battle diseases

Health technologies are the skills in the shape of medicines, devices and vaccines that help to solve a health problem and improve the quality of life.

Did you know what the life expectancy of the human race was 50 years ago? It was for about 56 years. That is not even the age to retire in the present; people do that at 60 or even 65.

As of 2019, the lifespan of our race has extended more than two decades. In the UK, people live to their 81st birthday and celebrate it with their grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Now, I would like to ask one more question. What do you think is the reason for this immense increase? I have looked for answers, even though I knew it beforehand. And the answer is our health services.

The field of health and medicine has single-handedly improved the way of life for the entire human race. Its constant innovations and developments should be given real credit.

The doctors and medical staff, the pharmaceutical companies, the medicine pioneers and their brains all deserve mention here. Our state and its policies should also be given some credit.

The Diagnostic Wing

In the world of practicing medicine, there are two kinds of patients that a doctor has to treat.

  • The first are the patients that present a particular set of symptoms, which quickly point the doctors in the direction of the disease.
  • Then there are the patients, who despite being treated are not getting better, somewhat their condition deteriorates by the minutes.

The latter kinds are the ones who are extremely difficult to treat because the doctor cannot find what is wrong with them.

It is for these patients that the diagnostic wing is created.

  • The doctors in this wing treat the patient as a mystery.
  • They often stop all the medication taken by the patient so that the real symptoms can be seen. Any glucose or steroids is not given. It may seem too harsh, but it has to happen if the patient wants to be cured.
  • With no medication, the patient’s condition worsens.
  • It is at this stage that the doctors can find the missing piece of information that would save the patient.
  • Of course, a board with numerous diseases written on it, out of which one is the answer, is also present with the doctor to make going through the required tests and procedure easy.

I know a diagnostic wing is not a piece of technology, but it numerous health technologies, tests and medication to save a life. So, it deserved mention.

CT Scan

It is an important factor the the field of health technologies. A hospital bill is daunting to your budget and may make you want to take unsecured bad credit loans from direct lenders. This is because of the scans and tests that the doctors perform.

Since they save your life and money can be earned a hundred times, people pay hundreds of pounds to get a scan and hospital pay, even more, to get the machines installed in their wings.

The CT Scan is one piece of technology that can monitor and check brain activity. Since the brain is the most vital organ in our body, this machine needs applause for trying to save it. You can stay on a bypass for hours even, but if your brain stops working, or the oxygen flow to this organ is disrupted, you might be dead.

A trauma patient is always sent to a CT Scan to rule out brain injury before being treated for other injuries. That should give an idea of its importance in treatment.


An amputation is when a patient’s limb is cut off. Parting with your hand or leg can be excruciatingly painful, both physically and mentally. However, if the limb might end up taking your life, is there even a choice to make?

Health technologies

In the last year alone, thousands of amputations had taken place. Health technologies have made them seem almost trivial. The creation and implementation of prosthetics is the reason for the same.

A prosthetic is an artificial limb that can be attached at the place of amputation. This device is fully functional and covers for the missing limb.

There are even prosthetics that can connect to the nerves at contact and send signals to the brain as if it were a real limb. The movements, functionality and utilization are so smooth that you might not even realize that you do not have a real arm or a leg.

A patient with a prosthetic leg can hit the gym, play a game of football and even climb a mountain.

Now you tell me, is technology in the health domain not amazing?

Winding Up

I want to end with an example of an ailment that was frightening, but it no longer is at present.

A disease like AIDS that was considered as fatal and contagious;

A disease which was so much a taboo that doctors did not even willingly treat the patient;

A disease that was a death sentence;

This is the same disease that today can be monitored throughout a lifetime and with great ease.

An HIV positive person can live a healthy life and can give birth to a child without infecting him as well. That is what health innovations can do for us.

So, a vaccine for the Corona Virus is also not impossible to find. It may take some time, and more people may die before it is found. However, the world of medicine and its creations will surely find one to beat the pandemic.


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