How Can I Find Certified iPhone Repair Services Center for Screen Repair

iPhone Repair Services

iPhone has become an absolute choice for people who need luxurious smartphones or smartphones with high-end features and advanced technology. In the same vein, the iPhones tend to be sensitive, and getting them repaired is a task on its own. Well, for everyone for the iPhone screen repair services or iPhone repair services, nothing can be better than Apple Repair Shop.

We know that people tend to visit the Apple stores or other authorized repair services in a normal situation, but with the outbreak of a pandemic, everyone is locked in their homes. But your damaged iPhone cannot wait, right? So, we suggest using the certified iPhone repair services because it positively impacts the functionality and performance. In this article, we have added the right option!


If your iPhone is still under warranty or has the AppleCare+ protection plan available, it is suggested that you use the official Apple Repair services. For instance, the covered devices will cost around $29 for the screen repair, but if there are other hardware issues, the costs will move around to $99, depending on the intensity of the damage.

On the other hand, if you don’t have AppleCare+ coverage, the screen replacement will cost anything between $129 to $329, depending on the iPhone model. As far as the hardware issues are concerned, the costs will range from $149 to $599, again depending on the iPhone model. You will also find different Apple authorized and certified repair services, and their costs will be even lower.

With the Apple services, you will have one year of warranty coverage with hardware repair in case of the iPhone through the limited warranty pattern. It is suggested that you read the fine print of the warranty to see if the iPhone damage can be covered. As far as AppleCare+ is concerned, their warranty coverage ranges up to two years with round-the-clock tech support.

For the people concerned about the protection prices, the device model will vary the costs. These protection prices range from $99 up to $199 from iPhone SE to iPhone X. With AppleCare+, you will get two accidental damage coverage. Each coverage will cover $29 for screen damage, and in case of another hardware repair, $99 is covered. The AppleCare+ protection and coverage can be bought within sixty days of the device purchase.

Apple Warranty Coverage

While looking for the repair services, you need to be mindful of the warranty status. In this case, it is suggested that you check the iPhone support page of Apple and sign in through the Apple ID credentials. In addition, you can tap on the serial number of the device below the sign-in button to ensure you have proper information about the warranty coverage. Also, follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Open the settings
  • Move to General tab
  • Click on About
  • See the serial number
  • Enter this serial number along with captcha code
  • Click on the continue button

Warranty Notification

When you click on the continue button, a new window will open up, sharing information about the service and support coverage. If you have a warranty or AppleCare, you will be able to get the damage repaired without going bankrupt. On the other hand, if you don’t have the warranty, you can check for the costs of the repair and service coverage section of the app.

Setting Up Repair Case

If you want to set up the repair case with Apple for the iPhone repair purpose, you will need to check the Apple Support page and check the iPhone models. You can also click on the “set up a repair” option from the repairs and service coverage section.

Choose The Damage

When the new window opens up, you will need to check a certain type of damage from the available options. In case of physical damage, you can click on the “repair physical damage” options for your ease.

Explaining The Damage

When you choose the damage type, a new window will appear on the screen. With this being said, you can describe the damage you are struggling with. For instance, if the buttons are not working or the iPhone is not responding to commands, you can describe the damage.

Sending For Repairs

Once you’ve explained the damage, you will be asked the way you want the repair service or help. The possible help and repair will vary according to the damage you chose. In case of physical damage, you will need to send your iPhone through email. In addition, you will need to pay in advance and make sure that you write the exact address.