How Indian Nurses Can Become Perfect Nurses in The UK?

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For most of the Indian nurses, nursing jobs in UK for international nurses is a dream job because of the several benefits provided by that particular nation. The UK is considered to be extremely multicultural and caters to the needs and desires of people from different backgrounds and cultures. Indian nurses will always find great comfort of home in The UK and working there can be a great experience. But the Indian nurses have to meet all the requirements to work in the UK and some of those requirements are mentioned as follows:

  • The nurse should be a fully qualified nurse: It is very much important for the individual to have a proper nursing degree along with one year of experience in the role of nursing before applying to the nursing job in the UK.
  • Proving the English language skills: It is also very much important to prove that you can speak, write and read in English very well. So, as a part of these tests like international English language testing system and Occupational English test have to be appeared for and cleared. The choice of the examination will always depend upon the individuals and it should be done carefully.
  • Completing the interview: The next step is to complete the interview after appearing for these examinations with the proper nursing agency in the UK. The interview can be conducted with the help of video conferencing platforms and this is a great opportunity to prove the skills and make sure that you are the perfect fit for that particular role in the UK. Also one must go with the option of asking several kinds of questions about the whole process so that there are no doubts.
  • Passing the computer-based examination: The next step is to pass the computer-based examination and it will include 120 multiple-choice questions people will have four hours to complete this particular test.
  • Submitting the documents: The document submission is a very important concept and it is very much crucial for all the people to make sure that they are the perfect fit for the UK nursing role. People have to wait for approximately 60 days so that they can get the decision letter from the NMC.
  • Submitting the personal documents: The NHS trust is the authority of The UK and it requires several kinds of personal documents for example application form, proof of address, references and the police check  from the home country.
  • Applying for the certificate of sponsorship and Visa: The next the particular step is to apply for a certificate of sponsorship and this the particular certificate will last for three years then people have to get themselves responsible. After five years in the UK, one can apply for permanent residency: then one has to apply for tier 2 visas for the UK.
  • Booking the flights: Now the complete process has been undertaken by the individuals and they can pack their bags to start a new life in the UK.
  • Passing the objective structure clinical examination: This is another examination which has to be cleared by the people and in case the the individual fails in three times they will be sent back to the home country.
  • Receiving the NMC pin: This particular pin will be the registration a number of individuals in the UK.

Hence, nursing jobs in UK for Indian nurses will begin only when the individuals have performed all the above-mentioned steps perfectly.