How Long Does It Take to Get a Credit Card?

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A credit card is one of the essentials in the present day. It is wise to know the time required to get a credit card before applying for one. Though it depends on the company issuing it, some common factors decide the pace of approving and delivering a credit card. Here is some piece of information related to credit card processing.

Considerations for Credit Approval

The credit card needs approval before we receive it. One thing to understand here is that there are many deciding factors that can impact the time taken for card approval. The card’s approval also depends on the mode of applying for the credit card. The card issuers require various details, documents, and external aspects to approve the cards. Read on to find out these crucial details given below:

Applying for the Credit Card

It starts with the mode of applying for the card. It can either be online or manual. Each of these has other influences too. There are two ways for the manual application – either an agent does the work with our details, or the applicant directly contacts the bank issuing the cards. Choosing an agent might slightly delay the process as the ultimate step is reaching the bank. So, most people approach the issuers rather than third-parties.

There are various online applications and services to apply for credit cards. We need to fill in the required details and wait for further proceedings. Most people find online applications and approvals simpler than in other ways.

Credit Score and Income Requirements

The credit score is the most vital detail for credit cards. It is like an assurance for the banks that the instalment payments will be on time. An excellent credit score has maximum chances of faster approval, while the contrary takes so much time. Having a good credit history is an extra benefit apart from a good credit score. The timely renewal of bill payments, instalments, and other relevant payments lead to an excellent credit score and credit history. In such cases, it might just take a few moments for approval. 

Another aspect that can impact the credit card process is the applicant’s income. The income requirements depend on the applied credit limit. A reasonable credit limit with appropriate income has maximum chances of quick approval. Income meeting the requirements, an excellent credit score, and a sensible credit limit collectively help approve the credit card within no time.

Loans and Delinquent Accounts

The bank or the card issuer considers all the information mentioned while approving for the credit card. Apart from the details mentioned above, the banks also check for other existing loans like housing, car, etc. The payment history of these debts also reflects on the credit report. Any discrepancies can degrade the credit score and curb the approval chances vr sex video bebes.

Delinquent accounts come from the previously applied loans and appear on the credit reports if there are any delays in paying the instalments or numerous credit applications in a short span. These aren’t good to have, and there are maximum chances of our application getting rejected. 

The credit utilization score is another reflecting factor on the credit report. This ratio tells the credits used out of all the available ones. This score has a significant impact on our credit scores, accounting for nearly 30 per cent of it. Crossing the card limits of some of the available cards or reaching the credit limits of all the existing ones can lead to rejection. 

Being honest with all the details, maintaining a decent credit history, timely payments of all the existing loans are the best ways to easy and fast approval.


There are many scenarios where people wait for months to get a credit card. One common reason for this might be some discrepancies faced during the processing. There may be various concerns like no proper documentation, insufficient income, bad credit score, bad credit history, etc. Tracking the credit card’s processing can help react to the required concerns immediately. 

It is a rule that the banks must inform the customer whether their card is approved or rejected within 30 days. So, the banks immediately ask for the required additional information or documents. The application might get rejected if you fail to respond to the banks with the required information sooner. Timely responses and exact details will fetch the card soon.

The Bottom Line

When all the required details are present, and the requirements met, the application is approved within 7-15 days. Once the bank sends the physical cards through the mail, it usually takes 7 to 10 business days to reach us. Though this is the usual time, most people receive their cards within five business days only. 

If you wish to have the credit card as soon as possible, you can check if expedited shipping is possible. In that case, you’ll receive the cards in no time. Some banks can give their customers a temporary credit card number until the actual one arrives. But it is always better to wait for the cards instead of jumping to these alternatives. 

The banks approve the cards sooner when all the required aspects mentioned above are on point. Once the banks approve the credit card, it hardly takes any time to lay hands on the physical card.