August 12, 2022
Tips for choosing Installer - Solar Panel Companies

Nowadays, you can find a number of installers in the market claiming that they can offer the best product. Selecting a solar installer can be a lengthy process, but it is worth the research to avoid any problems later. So if you are going to invest in solar panels and wondering how to choose the best installer, these tips will help you further. A reliable solar company in Gurgaon also offers good quality installation carried out by their experts.

  • MCS Certification

It deems extremely crucial that the installer is MCS certified. An appropriate solar panel installer normally holds a membership with the Solar Trade Association (STA) or the Renewable Energy Assurance Limited (REAL). You also need to have an awareness of who is doing the process of installation. If it is carried out by an outsourced company, ensure that they are also MCS accredited.

  • References

Asking for references and testimonials from the installer will help you know about their past client experiences. This will let you know how the installer had handled the previous works. If they claim to have their business running for quite some time, they should be willing to provide you with references. Doing additional research about the installer will also help you. Seeking recommendations from neighbors and friends also deems beneficial.

  • Paying A Home Visit

You should ensure that the installer visits your home to give you details about the solar panels and their suitability. Also ask for suggestions on saving energy and your home’s overall energy efficiency. The installer must agree with taking the time and analyzing your requirements. If this isn’t the case, it may not be the best installation for you.

  • Warranty

The type of warranty offered with the equipment helps you in the long run. A usual warranty for the solar panels is of approximately 20 years. If it is less than this, you may end up paying for panels that are of lower quality. Solar inverters and storage batteries come with a limited guarantee of around 5 to 10 years. Mainly the installers also offer workmanship warranty and this is of minimum 1 year. Hence, it is important to check all the warranty conditions before you sign the contract with an installer.

  • Understanding The Quotations

Ensure that you get quotations from a minimum of 3 installers. The quotes must meet your specific requirements. After you receive quotations, compare them and evaluate what all is offered with those prices. A few installations need scaffolding or additional work on the roof. Hence, you should make sure everything is included. Else, it may not be reflected in the quote but will be billed to you later. We have seen a reduction in the cost of solar panels recently, and based on your system’s size, you can get a good offer.

For example, an X KW solar panel system can cost around INR YYYYY, but to have assurance, you should ask if it comes with any additional work that is not included in the original offer. This will enable you to have better knowledge about making payments apart from the quoted price.

  • Sales Strategies

Installers who offer top-notch products and services steer clear of high-end schemes to make a sale to you. Some installers may offer you some discounts or limited period offers to drive you into making hasty decisions. Such decisions are likely to cost you more in the long term. If you face such pressurizing situations, it would be wise to refrain from dealing with them. You should then choose the next best quotation that you feel is good to go with.

There are many aspects of consideration when choosing an installer for your solar panels. You should take your time to evaluate things and move at your own pace, so that you can interact with the installer on a sound level. Following the above practices will aid you in making a well-informed decision in choosing the right installers.

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