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How to choose the best roof battens

Roof battens are major to a rooftop structure and are utilized in a loadbearing limit. They are intended to convey the heap of scheduled and tiles rooftops just as forced burdens brought about by wind and day off. Moreover, they might be needed to give a sensibly tied down traction to roofers while scheduled and tiled rooftops are being secured.

The roof is a high-hazard movement. Working at tallness, once in a while with delicate materials, implies roofers make up almost a fourth of all laborers murdered in tumbles from stature at work. A portion of these mishaps happens as a result of unsatisfactory rooftop battens. In an offer to improve security, a prerequisite to review material battens was presented.

Advantages of the batten system

From what you have just perused you will have seen that there are surely advantages to utilizing a board framework over sheathing ventilation. Here we list a couple of the advantages of a board framework:

  • Lessens the weight on the HVAC System
  • Declines heat gain in the storage room
  • Cuts ice damming
  • Reduces heat misfortune in winter and warmth gain in summer
  • Protection can be included between the boards – over the deck – to build warm protection and decrease energy use.

At the point when you think about a safe pitched rooftop, roof battens aren’t generally the main thing that rings a bell since they are covered up by the rooftop covering. In any case, they are really essential to the general security of the rooftop, giving a solid anchor that tiles or records can be safely fixed. Battens likewise influence guaranteeing the unbending nature, toughness, and climate snugness of the completed roof.

  • Only actually utilize a material secure that is stamped BS 5534 agreeable – ensure you check the stamp on the board yourself.
  • Roof battens and counter battens on adequate carriers to forestall hanging or curving. Shield them from water immersion when put away in bunches or packages on a level plane.

Batten length, size, and dividing

  • Before introducing the boards, check you have the size and dispersing directly as this can impact the climate snugness of the rooftop, just as the completed appearance.
  • The fitting secure size will rely upon the range of the rafters and sort of rooftop covering you are utilizing. BS 5534 incorporates a table of suggested least secure sizes. For instance, 25 x 50mm battens ought to be utilized for single-lap interlocking tiles when laid on rafters with a 600mm range.
  • Battens ought to be fixed to rafters set at focuses, not more than 600mm separated. They should length at any rate three rafters and be in any event 1.2m long.
  • No more than one out of four battens ought to be joined more than one bracket for checks over 200mm. For checks under 200mm, there can be a limit of three continuous joints in any twelve battens.


  • When you’re prepared to tie down the boards to the rafters, guarantee you’re utilizing the correct nails. The nails ought to give at least 40mm entrance into the beam, so a nail length of 65mm is by and large suggested.
  • Start at the lower edge of the rooftop, nailing the strip into place at the focal point of the crossbeam. Joints ought to be legitimately over rafters, with the strip square cut, firmly butted, and slanted nails.
  • If a strip end is to be set in mortar, ensure a suitable additive treatment has been applied. This isn’t needed when utilizing a dry fix framework.

Divider fixing

When fixing to a divider, fix determined battens to boarding/sheathing sarking following vertical backings, or stonework divider as indicated. Secure counter battens to brickwork dividers with improved nails or with attachments and screws.

Different battens contemplations

When fixing dry borderlines to battens, under the new BS 8612 Standard, they can presently don’t be introduced just with a nail fixing into the end grain of the board. All things being equal, the mechanical commitment must be accomplished when fixing a dry skirt to the board. Utilizing a framework with a strip end clasp can make this simpler.

Counter battens – If you’re utilizing a fume penetrable (breathable) film with a skintight rooftop covering, for example, shingles, at that point, it should be counter secured to permit ventilation of the board space. The situation of the main security ought to be the strip measure in addition to a large portion of the thickness of the board. The strip measure from that point depends on the pitch of the rooftop.