August 10, 2022

Beep-beep, your washing machine is all set to run its spin-cycle. Operating an automatic washing machine is child’s play, and it is almost impossible to get it wrong. But have you ever wondered why they come in all shapes and sizes?

What’s more, washers from brands like Samsung fully automatic washing machine have different functions, features, and designs (front and top-loading machines). So how do you choose the right washing machine for your needs?


Read the Load Capacity

People often make the mistake of choosing a fancy machine that offers a whole host of features without looking at the entire specification chart. This can often lead to the first big mistake of washing machine purchase. Before getting carried away with the features, it’s important to choose the right washer capacity that fits your needs. 

Have you ever observed kilogram numbers on a machine? This number represents the weight capacity of clothes it can handle at one time. So a 6kg washing machine can handle a maximum 6kg of clothes at one time. If you have a large family and are prone to washing more clothes, preferably opt for a machine that can handle more load capacity. 

Washing Machine Capacity

Washing machines generally come in three washer capacities. 

Small Medium Large
5KG Wash Capacity 7KG Wash Capacity 9KG Wash Capacity
6KG Wash Capacity 8KG Wash Capacity 10KG Wash Capacity


Calculating Laundry Weight

To find the right capacity washing machine that fits your requirements, you must first calculate your average laundry load. One way to do this is by using a weighing scale; alternatively, you can also stand on a weighing scale with your clothes in your hand and deduct the weight from your own weight.

If weighing laundry is too much of a task, you can use a simple calculation:

  {6kg of laundry = 20 full sleeve shirts OR 4 full sleeve shirt + 4 pairs of denim trousers OR 6 full-sized towels}

 By using this formula, you can calculate your average household wash load. Your average will give you a fair idea about the washing machine size that would be just right for your family’s needs.

 Wrong Size Washing Machine

So what if you use a small-sized machine for bigger load washes? Is it really a big deal? The truth is that the wrong size washing machine could have detrimental effects. This is especially true when washing bulky items like blankets, curtains, jackets, and more. In addition to giving your laundry a bad clean, an incorrectly sized washing machine can also damage laundry items causing tears and stretches.   

 Selecting The Right Size

The rule of thumb when selecting the right-sized machine is to go at least one size over. For instance, if you’ve calculated your average load to be 7kgs, the right capacity machine would be 8kg. This will give you head-space when it comes to maintaining the right load-machine balance. 

There are a number of washing machine brands in India that offer a range of different capacities. You may also be surprised to see that the price difference between 6kg and 7kg capacity loaders is not huge. So selecting a slightly larger sized capacity machine will prove prudent in the long run.

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