How to Pick an Ideal Flat to live with Your Family?

Flats for sale in Gachibowli

Living in a lush apartment or flat of your own is a dream for a lot of people. Apart from luxury, a flat is a must-have necessity that everyone requires. Especially, if you are planning to move to a bigger city like Hyderabad, a flat that can fulfil all needs is a must-have.

Whether you are searching for flats in Gachibowli or any other locations nearby, the tips in this article will help find the right fit for you and your family. Don’t rush while going through these tips when choosing an apartment.


The location of your flat can play a significant role in how your life in the area is going to be. If the location is not ideal, you will not enjoy it even if you find a luxury home.

Having a flat in an area that offers good accessibility to other amenities such as shopping complexes, transport systems, college, schools, and so on is a must when looking for a place for your family.

Further, you also need to consider the kind of traffic around your area, if you drive to your office every day. Further, if you are checking for listings online, it is best to visit the location by yourself as there might be a possibility these listings are old and a lot of things have changed in the location since then.


Always consider the total number of people that are going to live with you, when investing in a new flat. Depending on the number of people there are different options available, and choosing an option that isn’t big enough for a family of 3 or 4, might lead to congested living in the long run.

Hence, always consider visiting the area to get a proper understanding of the layout of the apartment or flat you are purchasing. Further, if you work from home, it might be better to get a flat with an extra room that can be converted to an office later.


The next step is to evaluate the amenities each flat offers. It is best to make a list of the options you have and then compare each one of them. There are amenities that are the bare minimum, such as parking space, security features such as CCTV cameras, guards and so on. 

Apart from these, you should consider other facilities such as multiple lifts, gated communities, parks for children, or elderly, etc. Of course, as the amenities pile up, so will the cost of the flat, so consider a good value for your needs.

Further, always consider evaluating the amenities and facilities being offered with a flat by yourself. Checking these things in person will ensure that everything is in order and exactly like you expect it to be.

Tour the Options

Once you have filtered down to a few flats from the big list you had in the beginning, it’s time to visit these flats yourself. Always take another individual with you as it can offer multiple points of views. Sometimes, you might miss out on things due to the excitement of buying a new house and regret the decision later.

Taking another person with you will ensure that everything is seen from two different perspectives. Finding issues after purchasing the flat will only disappoint you. Further touring these options is crucial since it can help understand the actual condition of the flats instead of relying solely on pictures from the listing on a website.

Also, consider finding flats for sale in Gachibowli as they can help save up a lot on your budget.