How to track kids’ mobile location using FamiSafe

FamiSafe parental control app Is a very incredible and complete location tracker tool that helps the parents in managing the safety of their child in a way that is not known by their children. The locations visited by your child could be easily known by this application and the parents could even view the live location of their child. If you Are looking for an option to make your child go to the right destination and every time stay in touch with you then you must have a feature like FamiSafe parental control app and location tracker app. You could then easily know the location of your child and have the location history of your child by viewing the location timeline history of your child’s device.

Features of location tracking app

  • The features of the location tracking app mainly consist of the geofencing settings by the parental app. This setting helps the parents in setting up the boundaries for their child with the places that he or she could visit.
  • The main window of the location tracking app shows the exact location of the kid and even shows the battery percent left in the device of your child.
  • The Last location updated by your child and the last location visited by him is also shown on the same window.
  • The parents can check the location history of their child by Using the feature of viewing their location history feature provided to them by the location control app.
  • There is also a feature of setting up alerts by the parents when their child enters or leaves a particular area and location that is set by them.

Benefits of FamiSafe location control app

  • This app is superior to all the apps which are helpful in parental control in. This provides you with the feature of perfectly managing your child’s location and tracking the daily safety of them. You can easily receive a warning when your child enters or pass through a certain area that is not allowed by you such as clubs, bars, etc.
  • Over the years due to the Internet revolution has come many people have him closer to each other and are now meeting with each other due to new information, exploration, and researches provided by the applications all over the Internet. But this whole has a dark side too. The kids that get connected to the people who want to meet them that are potentially harmful or are strangers to them. The child could be the victim of bullying. 
  • For securing your child through the means of protecting the location where they went and regularly goes can help the parents in securing the life of their children.
  • Exposing the child to the Internet world is a very good thing but the dark side of this application cannot be ignored. The harms caused by growing and learning abilities by the child put the parents into A great main turn off the concern.

Pricing plans offered by FamiSafe parental control and location tracker app

Tracker apps give you earth free 3-day trial. this free trial helps the period to get all the knowledge about the application and what they will be experiencing after switching to this plan. All the features of the application are provided in this free trial system.

You can use all the features of the application without any limitations after signing up. but when this free trial is over, you will have to choose a particular subscription plan to continue the usage of all the features that you have liked on the platform.

  • FamiSafe parental control and location control app also helps the parents in installing the application to various devices according to the subscription plan which is chosen. 
  • The monthly plan offered by the application is built monthly at $9.99 per month which gives the user connectivity of 5 devices.
  • There is a yearly package which is offered by the location tracker apps that costs about $59.99 per year that is equivalent to pay $4.99 per month but it gives you the connectivity of 30 devices with each other with all the features of the application in them.
  • There is also the best value plan offered by the application that costs about $19.99 per quarter and helps the parents in Connecting up to 10 devices with the main device. This plan costs about $6.66 per month. 






You can easily protect your child and ensuring safety by using the FamiSafe parental control app.  The Internet wildness and Feeling of anxiety How visiting all the places in your child can easily be turned in an opportunity by the parents since they know that they can Easily keep a quick check on the location of their child.