IreoSkyon Reviews

Reviews can be deceptive, but if done properly, these could be one of the best ways to get the right perspective on any product or service. In today’s world, with busy schedules we like to do a lot of research online before buying a product or service, without a doubt, reviews have become an important point of assertion for decision making. Housing is no different, it is important to make informed decisions as buying a home is an important and a major decision for most of us. So, our team went ahead and conducted an Ireo Skyon reviews survey from the residents themselves, be it renters or owners.

The Poll Survey of Ireo Skyon Review was conducted on the following parameters:

Quality of Location: 80% of Residents who took the survey were rated the location of Ireo Skyon as Excellent, while 6% voted as Good, 12% voted the location to be Average and 2% residents said the location of Ireo Skyon was poor. We also further asked what is it that they liked or disliked about the location. Most of the residents who voted highly for the location, said, they liked the fact that it is not on any main noisy road and tucked away nicely in a peaceful residential zone away from the noise and pollution, yet, very centrally located close to the Golf Course Road and the Rapid Metro Station. Those who rated the location to be poor, said that they feel a little isolated from the mainstream and also feel little unsafe during late night hours.

Quality of Construction: 78% of Residents who took the survey rated Ireo Skyon Construction Quality as excellent. While 11% of the residents voted the construction quality at Ireo Skyon as Good and another 4% rated it as average and 5% rated it as Poor. On further probing of what they liked and disliked about the construction quality at Ireo Skyon, our team found out that most of the people liked the Civil Construction Quality and overall built quality of the buildings, while they did not like the quality of outer paint at Ireo Skyon.

Quality of Recreational Facilities: 55% of Residents who took the survey rated Ireo Skyon Recreational Facilities as Excellent, 38% of residents voted the facilities as Good and 3% rated them as Average and 4% rated them as poor. On further probing on this topic, residents showed their unhappiness about the swimming pool not being operational yet and also not having a larger children’s play area, on the brighter side, almost all residents agreed on the very nice and large central greens, lot of greenery, good quality restaurant, cafe & squash courts.

Quality of Interiors: 58% of Residents rated Ireo Skyon Interiors as Excellent, while 32% residents rated them as good, 6% rated them as average and 4% rated them as poor. On further probing from the residents, it was found that they like the double glazed glass used and the aluminium framing used to create a better and well-lit feel to the apartments, almost everyone who took the review liked the high ceilings that make the apartment look bigger and brighter, while they felt that the size of the kitchen and the bathrooms could have been larger in the apartments. Other than this, the residents liked the wooden flooring in the bedrooms and the vitrified tiles in the living/dining areas.

Quality of Maintenance Services: 59% or Residents who participated in the polls for Ireo Skyon Reviews rated maintenance services to be Excellent, while 18% rated them as Good and 9% rated them as average, 14% residents found the maintenance services to be poor and could be improved. On further probing, the residents were appreciative of the staff members, however, mostly spoke about the delay in resolution of issues and no committed time for resolution. Also, there were voices that pointed towards the lack of materials available from time to time.

Air & Noise Pollution: 97% of Residents who participated in the polls rated Ireo Skyon to be Excellent and free of Noise & Air Pollution and were very happy with the peaceful atmosphere as well as the Air Quality being better than some of the other luxury condominiums on the Golf Course Road, primarily attributed to the fact that it is tucked away from noise and pollution of main roads etc. While 3% residents said the Air and Noise Pollution was less so rated it as Good.