Is Van Life Right For You? Everything You Need to Know About Living on the Road

Sick and tired of the daily 9-5 grind? Go travel to open highways for a never-ending journey in your very own VW Adventurewagen!  

Life would be so fun and easy and unpredictable if you just let your wheels take you everywhere. These days, more people dream about quitting their jobs and converting to an unorthodox lifestyle full time. Have you ever imagined yourself living in a van one of these days but didn’t know how and where to start? Well, before you even imagine it, you have to know that it’s not for everyone. And, that’s okay! 

Perhaps, waking up to another unfamiliar street, shore or cliffside each day is what a true adventure is all about. Living in a van can be beneficial in a way that it doesn’t require some luxury home builders to get you a decent dwelling place. We all know that building or renting a house is understandably expensive. To that, your van can help you save money and focus on your passion. BUT! Let’s be honest, van life comes with lots of surprises. There will be days you’ll never forget and days you’d rather delete from your golden box of memories. It won’t be easy, especially in the beginning. 

To make sure you’re not regretting any of your decisions in the future, we’ll give you a few sneak peeks on what it’s like to live in a van, how to make it happen and of course, some questions that will help you determine whether or not van life is right for you.  

Your Van Life Survival Questions

Can you easily adapt to new locations? 

Living in a house that is constantly moving to different places, expect that there will be nights you don’t know where on earth you’ll be sleeping at. Is the place safe? Will they allow you to park on a sidewalk? If you think you’re good at handling challenges like this in a wide-open all by yourself, then you just might survive living the van life. One of the secrets to being a happy vandweller is your special skill of adapting to a whole new set of environments.       

Are you creative enough to make money on the road?

Van life is cheap, but it’s not free. You still need a decent job to make both ends meet from tolls and petrol to your daily meals, credit card bills and other related expenses. So, the big question is: “How do you actually make money while on the road?” Vandwellers have come from different backgrounds and careers, all making money in a plethora of ways. If you can do some creative online jobs, you can thrive by working remotely as long as you have a reliable computer and pocket Wi-Fi. Better if you can also do some freelance side jobs like selling products, vlogging, or dropshipping.  

Are you okay with dirt and other disgusting stuff?

It’s the outside world! Wait for the dirt, dust and mud to find their way into every part of your van. Most van lifers don’t even have their own showers, so don’t expect them to take a bath or change clothes every day or maybe every three days. But, no judgement because there are many ways you can stay clean and hygienic as long as you can adapt to your environment and make use of the available resources around you. For instance, the earth’s pool. 

Can you cook? 

You can always buy food outside, but sometimes you’ll wonder if those processed foods can give you all the nutrition your body needs. A tiny kitchen with no oven or a coffee maker can be one of the scariest parts of van life, but it shouldn’t be so hard if you know how to cook even in a makeshift burner. We’re talking about making a fire out of wood sticks here.  

Do you socialise too much?

Living alone on the road may not seem like a sad life for some introverts. You can always meet people here and there and then forget about them when you leave. But, the nice thing about it is that you will meet new people and maybe create deeper connections and friendships with them in a matter of days than we have with people that we’ve known most of our lives. You see, you don’t settle in one place and make friends. If you think you’re okay with that kind of socialising, you might just make it work out there. 


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