Is Year 2021 the Hope Towards Climate Change?

Climate change

Climate change has pushed hard against humanity in recent decades. The hope is to find new solutions for this problem. 2020 has left everyone with a host of troubles. Yet, India did not slow down its efforts. Workplaces and organizations went through the extra effort to make themselves carbon-neutral. India progressed onward even when the world was being ravaged by the pandemic. India’s resolve has only grown stronger to make the country a greener place to live in.

Energy management has become a much-needed tool. The energy and allied sector can only survive when energy management is efficient. Great strides made in technology and energy reforms made this possible. The focus has gradually shifted towards energy conservation. As an effect, various industries favor MBA courses in energy management. Most are seeing the benefits of using greener energy. The end goal is to gradually phase out dependence on fossil fuels.

The pandemic has strangely shown people the beauty of a greener India. This sight has prompted a slow but steady shift. Seeing the impact of a pollution-less India has encouraged a portion of the population to move towards greener resources and technologies. With steady efforts against climate change, here’s how 2021 can be even better:

Education Efforts

Prestigious institutions like the NTPC School of Business, offer their executive course in energy management for industry leaders. There is a constant need to stay updated on energy standards. For these reasons, even industry leaders have participated in these courses. The growing job opportunities for energy managers show the significance of energy management.

Effective Energy Use

Energy expenditure in India has grown along with the infrastructure. This has forced a shift. A change was observed in how energy is used in India. Effectively managing energy can help with significant savings in the long run. This is why it is not only the private sectors leaping into energy management efforts. For a decade, the government has actively taken steps to promote energy management to save costs and energy. Renewable energy is being pushed as well gradually. The demand for renewable sources has also prompted the creation of energy project management courses.

Low-Cost Renewable Energy

India has already begun plans to set up green cities in each state. But India is not the only country planning on going net zero. The cost drop for renewables is changing the landscape for decarbonization efforts. Currently, renewable sources of energy are even cheaper when it comes to building new power stations.

The cost of making new renewable power stations will drop even more eventually. Globally governments are also aware that scaling up renewables help accelerate the transition to greener energy everywhere. This will eventually end up making renewable energy even reasonable.

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Businesses Going Green

Attitude towards greener energy is shifting for businesses. Public pressure for action on climate change has also played a major part in this change of attitude. Even if the businesses solely went for financial reasons, going green still sounds like a good idea. Going after obsolete ideas is hardly worth the effort after all.

This reasoning is already playing out. For instance, Tesla’s rocketing share price is going up. Meanwhile, the oil company Exxon’s share price has dropped quite low. Exxon was even excluded from the Dow Jones Industrial Average of major US corporations for this reason.

Additional efforts are being put into action as well. Efforts to make sure that businesses include climate risk into their financial decision making. The eventual goal is to ensure that business and investors are taking the necessary steps. These important steps will be taken towards a carbon-neutral world. These steps are by themselves good reasons to renew hope. Even so, it’s far from a done deal.


The lockdown helped in the reduction of overall carbon emissions all over the world. Unsurprisingly, however, the emission levels are already moving back to how they were in 2019. Fortunately, the global sentiment regarding tackling global warming is beginning to change. Most rural populations in India still prefer to use cheaper and inefficient technologies. Gradually they will come around too. Whether 2021 is the year of deliverance or not, slowing down climate change is no longer a matter of if, but simply when.

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