Know these basic but important tips for baking cake

Sweets and desserts have become a part of every important celebration and cakes are one of them which can fit in the food of every type of occasion because of their versatility. They can be given any shape and design according to the demand of an event. For example, if it is the birthday of any child then it can be given the shape of any cartoon character of his or her choice like Doraemon cake online or if it is a celebration of victory in any game then the cakes can be ordered in the shape of any equipment of that game like Football cake. Thus, the shape of the cakes justifies the emotions of the celebrations.

By doing the same kind of again and again, people learn many things from their mistakes and they also come up with new ways of doing the same work. They become experts and find out new techniques. One should definitely get some knowledge from the experts of that particular job or profession before doing the same for a better understanding of the job. There is no doubt, one can learn from his or her mistakes but what is the use of wasting such a great amount of time when experts are there to help you?

Likewise there are some tips and techniques of baking cakes which you should know so that your cake does not end up as a disaster and you can also bake finger licking cake. You put a lot of effort and your time to get compliments from others for your delicious cake and obviously you are not doing something for which you want to regret later on that you have wasted your precious time. The following are some basic tips for getting the desired results after baking a cake.

Ingredients should be used in the right quantity 

The cake would have the appropriate taste only if the ingredients are inappropriate quantity which means that if any ingredient is less or more in quantity then it can change the taste of the cake and you would not be able to have the desired vanilla cake, chocolate cake or any other cake whichever you are baking. This is crucial if you are baking the cake for the first time and you do not want to take the risk. You can buy different measuring bowls and spoons from the market so that you put the things in the exact quantity mentioned in the recipe.

While measuring the amount of flour, you should not press the flour in the container or spoon as you would end up putting the wrong quantity as the quantity of the flour would be more in this case which can spoil the taste of the cake. Likewise, more sugar in the cake is not good for health and the cake would be tasteless if you add less sugar. If you have added the baking powder or soda in more quantity, it can make the taste of the cake bitter, therefore you should be put in the right amount as you do not want these kinds of chemicals in your body.  

The oven should be preheated before baking the cake 

You would have definitely read in the cookbooks or watched in the videos explaining the recipes of baking different cakes that you should heat the convection oven before placing the pan containing the batter of the cake. This is important for the cake to be cooked completely and not only from the outside. If you do not want to serve the partially baked birthday cake for children or your husband or any other person who wants you to prepare a cake for them, then you should be careful that you bake the cake equally from all its sides.

The container should be prepared well before putting the batter in which the cake is to be placed for baking 

For preparing the pan in which the batter is to be put, you should apply a coat of butter on it and then place the parchment paper. If you would cut the paper in the shape according to the shape of the pan, then it would completely fit in the pan and you would not regret wasting the paper. Cakes usually have a round shape and so these are baked in the containers having the round shape. You can cut the paper in a round shape with the help of a simple technique in which you should first fold the paper into half and it should be folded again in half. Then, you should fold the paper diagonally two times.

Next, you should place the folded triangular shaped paper on the back of the container to get the measurement from the center of the backside of the pan and the excess paper should be cut. In this way, you would be able to cut the circular-shaped parchment paper for a round container of any size. Finally, your pan would be ready for putting the batter of the cake after placing this paper. You should not use the butter paper as it is usually mentioned in the recipes to use the same and the reason behind this is that this paper cannot bear heat sometimes. However, the butter paper can be used for wrapping or preserving the cake, once it is prepared.

Baking soda and powder should be used according to the requirements of the recipe 

Baking soda can work only if it is put in the recipes which have any kind of acid like citric acid, whereas you can put the baking powder alone in any recipe as it already contains dry acid. You cannot replace the baking powder with the baking soda as you would have to the former in more quantity that is thrice of the latter as your cake would be bitter.

Ingredients should be used in the proper way

You should not take out the ingredients from the refrigerator to put them in the cake as these should not be too cold. These should be at room temperature that is not too cold or not too hot.