Methods for getting rid of forehead wrinkles

forehead wrinkles


The skin fades for a variety of reasons. This can be hormonal factors, ultraviolet radiation, smoking, food, alcohol and stress. Even expressive facial expressions can have dire consequences. For example, if you frown and laugh a lot, folds will cut through your forehead. What to do in this case? How to remove forehead wrinkles? Perhaps this is a genetic problem. Then it will be much more difficult to cope with it. Take a look at your moms, aunts and grandmothers. What do the wrinkles on their face look like? This could be the key to your own rejuvenation.

Different types of wrinkles

Folds are mainly of two types. Deep static and shallow dynamic.

  1. The former are manifested as a result of natural aging of the skin, as well as the general condition of the body and bad habits. Smoking is one of the most pernicious habits. Nicotine significantly increases the likelihood of early wrinkles. Is it worth the risk? After all, the consequences will be cruel – deep and pronounced folds.
  2. As for dynamic wrinkles, their causes lie in our facial expressions. The daily expression of vivid emotions will grant you a network of fine depressions all over your skin. Among them are wrinkles on the forehead – as a result of frown and surprise. And also folds around the eyes and lips – an indicator of smiles and laughter.

How to deal with skin aging?

First of all, on dazzling sunny days, wear high-quality sunglasses, apply SPF creams and natural skin care products. Alternatively, you can opt for caps and umbrellas and intensive serum.

  • Try to control your facial expressions a little. At least when you are alone, and there is no one to appreciate the beauty of your smile or sympathize with the sadly lowered corners of your lips. However, don’t overdo it. Who would love a smooth and youthful yet hardened mask instead of a living face?
  • Provide your skin with daily cleansing, hydration, tone and nutrition. Use quality and proven products. Your creams should contain collagen and hyaluronic acid, oils and peptide complexes. Remember to do nourishing anti-aging masks weekly.
  • It is worth paying attention to such a procedure as dermabrasion. With its help, the top layer of dead skin is removed forehead wrinkles. It helps new ones to form faster, gives elasticity to fading tissue and provides an effective result after the first procedure.
  • It’s time to talk about peels as well. Thanks to deep cleansing, dead cells come off. Peeling restores collagen and elastin fibers important for the skin. It stimulates active metabolism in cells and their regeneration.
  • You will probably be surprised, but massage will come to the rescue if you are desperate in search of an answer to the question of how to smooth out wrinkles on your forehead. Use the classic trick. He will supply the cells with everything they need. This is nutrition, blood supply, and skin restoration. Massage will help improve complexion and prevent early wrinkles. Start by applying a dose of anti-aging cream to your forehead, then rub in with gentle circular motions forehead wrinkles. Find the ones that match your type of age or dynamic change. Forehead wrinkles are known to be horizontal and vertical. Find a program for your type of problem. Perform the procedure daily for no more than 10 minutes.

Best anti-aging mask recipes

With later age-related changes, nothing will help better than intensive and deep cosmetic and medical procedures. It can be radical Botox injections, expensive mesotherapy or myolifting. These procedures are not always safe and by no means cheap, so we advise you to start with proven folk recipes.

  1. Paraffin face masks. This miracle treatment gives instant results. Usually such masks are used before important events to raise skin tone and quickly tighten it. For cooking, you need to melt some wax, blot the fabric in it and place it on your forehead. To protect yourself from burns, lubricate the skin with avocado oil first. Then wait for the fabric to harden. You can remove the mask. This easy-to-prepare product will have a tangible effect. However, don’t overuse it forehead wrinkles. Do the procedures no more than 2 times a week.
  2. Lemon and egg white. This mask will also give visible results after the very first application. Whisk the ingredients in equal amounts and apply gently. Wait for the feeling of tightness, then rinse the skin.
  3. Tomato mask. This vegetable has a firming effect. Remove the skins of the tomato. Make a gruel from the scarlet fresh pulp, mix with the sour cream product until smooth. Apply to your forehead and rinse off after a quarter of an hour with warm water.
  4. Corn mask. After it, tightness and dryness may be felt. In this case, we advise you to apply the cream after the procedure. Combine corn flour in equal amounts with honey. Apply this mixture to your forehead and wait for it to dry. Then everything can be washed off with mineral water.

Still don’t know how to remove forehead wrinkles? We invite you to watch a very interesting video. You will learn even more ways to effectively rejuvenate your skin, tested by many beautiful girls and women.