What is digital marketing and why do we need it?

A recent group of research data shows that 64% of consumers currently say that they have made purchases under the influence of online video advertising. 52% of people said they would be affected by Facebook ads. As people spend more and more time and energy on the Internet, the influence of online content on their behavior is increasing.

As a business, if you want to reach out to your potential customer groups from many people online, build your brand influence online, increase attention and get more sales, then digital marketing is essential.

What is digital advertising?

If digital marketing is not classified as the best way to reach consumers, what is the best intermediary medium to reach potential customers bluntly? Of course, the Internet.

Some well-known websites that are quite reputable in the eyes of the public, such as Facebook, YouTube, Yelp, Google, etc., in order to provide more services to their customers, they will rent out some advertising spaces on their websites. Here are some data we have compiled and summarized, let’s take a look first.

  • According to Google data, 3.5 billion search users search on Google every day
  • 92% of users will choose the first search result displayed for the next business
  • Google’s search volume grows by about 10% every year
  • Product searches account for 35% of total searches
  • In local searches, 34% of businesses with the keyword “near me” were visited in physical stores
  • In the past year, digital marketing revenue exceeded $100 billion for the first time

The right information reaches the right people

Digital marketing allows you to reach the right people with the right information at the most timely time. You may think that you have done this through newspapers, flyers or radio advertisements, but when we mention the data of digital marketing, you will find that digital marketing has raised the public’s standard for judging the effectiveness of advertising.

Measurable effect

Digital advertising refers to more than just ads posted on Twitter or Yahoo. It uses Internet-based advertising tools to research, manage, track, analyze and optimize all online advertising campaigns.

When completed effectively, digital marketing will seamlessly integrate the user experience of your target customers on the website and guide them back to your own self-built site and business. This is a very natural and non-invasive way.

It can be very personalized and connect to your target customers as much as possible. Conversely, this maximizes the conversion rate. All data is digital, and you can track almost all interactions between your customers and your ads. The acquisition of these data allows you to calculate the most accurate rate of return on investment, which is data that cannot be replaced by other methods.

Choosing the most correct method and strategy will directly reduce your marketing costs and increase profits. Once you feel that digital marketing is not helpful to your business at all, you should consider whether you have chosen the wrong platform and strategy.

Each type of digital marketing has its own advantages and disadvantages and corresponding different strategies. People who are good at running Google advertising campaigns may be confused in the field of Facebook advertising, because there are really big differences between each different platform and advertising format.

Different from traditional advertising

The traditional form of advertising is aimed at a wider range of people, and the group of people it touches may or may not be within your customer base. Therefore, it is difficult to track the actual reflection of your advertisement. You cannot clearly attribute a sale to a particular advertising campaign, unless you may get some enlightenment by analyzing the reasons for purchases filled in by customers.

Therefore, compared with traditional advertising forms, the timeliness of digital marketing is irreplaceable.

Major migration

A study in 2019 found that about 89% of people regularly use the Internet. Among them, there is no difference in race or gender, and the difference in income is only 17%. The largest Internet usage gap is based on age. But 66% of people over 65 still use the Internet. In this study, Americans spend an average of 4 hours a week on the Internet, which is comparable to a part-time job. Young people spend more time, more than 50 hours a week. For most people, the Internet has been integrated into their lives, and we expect that this trend will continue.

Although people are so dependent on the Internet, it does not mean that you can successfully reach them on the Internet. For example, pop-up ads are not liked by most people. Using repetitive advertisements ultimately makes people feel bored. This is not a good way to get customers. But digital advertising allows you to easily acquire high-quality potential customers.

Email as an advertising tool

72% of ordinary people and 86% of entrepreneurs said that they prefer e-mail as a means of communication. Of course, this also includes e-mail advertising. However, almost every business owner make a Wikipedia Page to boost his online presence and to attract huge amount of online traffic to his site. It is also one of the marketing tools that you can use for your business too.

Because of the e-mail usage rate, you will get a higher participation rate. For every $1 you spend, the average return on investment for email advertising is $40. This makes email the highest return on investment for advertising. However, email as an advertising medium is not as simple as other social media operations. To obtain a higher ROI depends on several important factors:

  • The ability to acquire high-quality subscribers
  • Ability to attract subscribers
  • Ability to retain subscribers
  • Involvement of automation and subletting tools

Content marketing as an advertising tool

When you think about what digital marketing is, you don’t think of a section of content marketing. But 90% of marketing puts content as the top priority, which can be a very important advertising tool.

Use attractive content to attract attention, content marketing will not be particularly effective unless you use paid advertising to accelerate its effect. But over time, the advantages of content will definitely help reduce your advertising costs. Therefore, starting from the content is a long-term but straight path that is worth keeping on.

Digital marketing, a good friend of small businesses

In fact, you don’t have to worry too much about what digital advertising is. As long as it helps your business, it’s worth trying. Nothing can drive the target flow faster than the Internet, so digital marketing is an important tool for your business growth. It’s worth using it well.